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Health changes after annual Vet visit?

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Hi All,

I took Smidge in for her annual vet visit this past weekend.
She received her annual vacs plus I got her microchipped.
For the exam, the major systems were checked and she was fine, as well as her lab tested fecal matter.

But, she's been off for a day or two. I dont know if it is the stress of the visit or I need to be watchful for something that could be effecting her negatively?

All I recall from last year's visit is if she was vomiting she needed to come back, for that meant she was probably having a bad reaction to the vacs.

She is almost three and has always been healthy.

PS: My great vet who I liked v. much, as did Smidge, is not there anymore boohoo! I didnt like this new vet (although she may be competent). She didnt seem to get that our pets are our babies...and I never get good vibes from that.
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What do you mean when you say she is off?

Sometimes after vaccs my kitties will sleep more and feel a bit warm but after a couple days they are back to normal.
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She hasnt been eating as much as usual, but when she goes to eat she seems enthusiastic about it, but quits early.

yesterday my mum had a visit while I was at work. Said she was lethergic and would not play - which is their normal routine. I thought perhaps it was because we had our first over 80degree day and it wasnt hot enough for the AC to be left on, but I dont like leaving fans on if I am not home, so I thought it was because it was hot.

She was a bit distant yesterday and this morning she did not show interest in her favorite food.

It is all rather subtle, but too the vet ended the exam as quickly as possible, didnt say many words at all, seemed annoyed at my questions, and didnt mention anything I should look for after an exam. Therefore, I dont know what to look for and if her current behavior isn't significant.

Oh, and also, occasionally she does seem to not want to eat as much as usual or sleeps an inordinate amt of time. It is because somethingout of the ordinary happened (the vet visit) that I sometimes worry too much.
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Sounds to me like a reaction to the vaccinations.
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I just had my 1 yr old taken to the vet for her annual and she slept more than usual during the following couple of days. I assumed it was part of the reaction of the vacs. She would eat and drink but not play too too much. She was just very "blah." But after those couple of days she was back to normal.

You figure you can't feel too hot after they pump you up with a few syringes full of strong stuff...give her a couple of days and see how she does.

If anything, give a call to the vet and ask what the normal reaction should be.

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Thank you Merlynn.
I can at least relax a little bit right now.

And absolutely I will be watching her veeeery closely!
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