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new cat/old cat

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Three days ago we got a new cat, Coco (3 yrs old), to be a companion to our old cat, Eddie (1 yr old). We kept them seperate for a while, swapped rooms, beds, etc. We put their bowls on either side of the door. They are now allowed supervised time together.

Ed is doing everything he can to win Coco's love (he can't understand why ANYONE wouldn't love him!) He rolls over to show her his belly, chirps at her, looks away to show submission, and only gets upset if she goes toward his rear (he has a thing about his rear). He won't even let us pet him if she's in the room since it seems to upset her.

Coco wants nothing to do with him. If we are not in the room she hides from him. If we are in the room, she is very domineering. She growls at him and hisses if he gets too close (which is about 1 ft away.) She gets mad if we show Ed any attention. I suppose Ed doesn't help that he can't stnad to leave her alone and sits next to the couch or bed if she is underneath it, trapping her. He does let her by if she wants out, but follows her to the next room. We left them both free in the house last night and their were a few verbal fights (he never gets close enough for a physical fight.)

My question: is there something we are not doing? I know cats take time to get used to each other, but she doesn't seem to want to even try to get used to Ed. I've never had cats who didn't take to each other after a few days. She seems comfortable and is very loving as long as he is not near her. She was in a cage with another cat at the Humane Society, but we suspect it was a former housemate because she was only there two days before we adopted her.

Any advice?
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It took weeks for Mystique to accept the other cats in the house. She was there first you know! She made sure we knew she was displeased as she would come into our room and growl under the bed around 2am! Heck I'm not even sure if I like someone after 3 days! He he

Give them time. Things will work them selves out on thier own.
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I guess mostly I'm wondering if it's okay to let Coco go free during the day instead of shutting her in. I also wondered when the proper time to move her food and litterbox out of her "cell".

I know they'll work it out, I just hate to admit I've always just thrown them together and hoped for the best. This is the first time I've tried to transition cats (due to age differences). Thanks!
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I think i would wait a day or two more before leaving them alone together unsupervised. From what you have told us they seem to be adjusting very well. There have been no violent altercations and it's been mostly vocal. As long as you continue to give number 1 attemtion first things should go smoothly!

You are a great Mom! Keep up the good work!
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As Coco is older - it may take her a while to adjust. Just give her some space and in time they should at least tolerate each other. You are doing everything you can.
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It sounds like it is going okay. There has been no bloodshed- and hissing and growling are pretty much normal. I have two cats of my eleven here that just never have meshed. Ripster comes in the room and Karma and her immediately start posturing and hissing and growling. I've had both cats together now for over a year, but other than the verbal display they don't "fight." I have no idea why this happens, I guess they are just like some people who just don't mesh.

Your two kitties will eventually get along just fine, they are in their own time-frame at the moment- not yours.
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I think they are doing better. I have been letting Coco roam free because she gets pretty nervous being all locked up and she has not been aggressive (just swatting and vocal reprimands when Ed "bugs" her.) He is still trying his best to be buddies. He shows submission to her (which I find hilarious as she is half his size.) So much for the alpha male!!

Other than that, he plays with her whether she likes it or not, but he will lay off if she gets upset. I will say, though, she's a bit of a tease... she rubs on him and then hisses at him when he tries to lick her. Squirrely cat.
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I used to have a 10 year old cat and I got him a new buddy (2 years old) and they didn't like seeing each other through door cracks and all that. They would get VERY angry and hiss. But when I let them out they prefered to just watch each other. BUT, I locked them separately for almost 2 weeks when I went out.
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Ugh - after about a week of getting along pretty well, Ed has dedided he is sick of Coco not playing with him and not letting us pet him and is stalking her.

I know it's only been a week and ahlf now, but they are going backwards! Is this normal?
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They are still working out their relationship. This is not unusual...just continue to give it time and things will be okay!
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