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I received this e-mail:

Hi. I am a fellow cat rescuer from N.Y. currently in Hemet CA. which is in Southern CA. I concentrate on spay/nueter but could not re-release most of the cats due to animal cruelty in this rental community of 160 duplex units. I kept several and they are now my housepets. When I moved here it was to be very short term - I stayed because one of my rescues got lost. As I looked around the properties, observed and spoke to people ,the danger to cats became clear. From dogfighting in the back alleys to high incidence of cat abandonment, cats were, as usual the biggest victims . I stayed and for the past 3 years worked on cat rescue here, from spay/nuetering to adoptions to letters and articles in local papers.

But despite the landlord (of my rental apt.) and management, etc. having been fully aware and supportive of my rescue work, when I recently butted heads so to speak with the (name deleted) Homeowners Association , which has authority over the landlord at this property, (over a housing issue unrelated to animals) it resulted in a retaliatory action. They gave me a notice saying I must get rid of the cats immediately or eviction will follow. This does not concern me because I have witnesses to how they said nothing about my cats for 3 years which is considered approval.

However, several of the rescues that reside here ( I ws in process of trying to get adoptions thru sites such as best friends, etc) are now in extreme risk of being killed unless I find a couple folks in Southern CA area who can foster temporarily. You see, we have local (Riverside County) ordinance that states if you have more than 4 cats they can be seized by Animal Control . A/C officers busted into a rescuers home and even though her 15 cats were in perfect health and her home extremely clean, the A/C officers took long poles and used them to grab the terrified cats who were hiding, threw them into cages and had them euthenized at the shelter!

This and similar stories were confirmed by established rescue people in my County.

I cannot let this happen . Most of my cats were so severely abused they were not "adoptable" & would have been euthenized right away at the shelter. My cats are now happy tame indoor cats who adore each other but some were so traumatized they only respond to me or fellow cat people who are knowledgeable in regard to special needs cats.

Three 9 mo old kittens need URGENT FOSTER in SO CA, area - Pearl, Linus, Chessie Tuxie...

Pearl is gorgeous seal point siamese /brother linus is an amazing orange tab with big golden eyes, chessy is their sweet adorable friendly little Tuxedo sister. ( Tuxi is the remaining sister but was abused by kids and not ready for adoption)

Lily - long haired white fur /blue eyes .. very sensitive and shy .. was abused and needs to be able to snuggle with another cat.

Oliver, Oscar, Derby - three nutty sweet brothers who were born in the apt. to an abandoned mom Daisy. Daisy was adopted and I kept the brothers ( two were adopted as kittens)

The cats refered to above need foster immediately to save them from the fate described above. I also have a cat that was savagely attacked by pittbull last year and is now my pet, and I have Isabel .. kids were trying to kill her so I got her inside, and then spayed, and she is still feral but a happy indoor cat who loves cuddling with her cat mates. I also have Florence & Zena ... kids tried to strangle them.

I have some friends who want to foster a couple cats but their husbands say they cant keep them more than a day so we are really scrambling to place a couple here, there. The rescue groups are all full. This computer is very old and not working well and I am having too many technical issues with it to confidently send emails all over the place - I do not know if you will get this as the email keeps going down. Finally, I should add I am physically disabled and non driver which makes it even more difficult to take any sort of fast action to help the cats.

Please contact anyone you may know in SO CA area and tell them this urgent situation. The cats only need a quiet room to curl up together in for a few days and I will provide food/litter etc. We will likely have longer foster available in about a week. In a few months I will move to safer location and take the cats.

Thank you for any contact info you can provide. Please give any contacts you may have my telephone # as the email is unreliable now. Thank you,

If anyone lives in Southern CA or knows of someone who can help in this situation, please PM me and I will provide contact info.