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Ernie needs home in Texas ASAP

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I received this email from an Animal Rescue today. This is so sad. I would take him, but I have two other cats and he needs to be the only pet. There is a picture of him in the original email and more details. If you can help, please contact Edna Taylor. Thank you.

From: Taylor, Edna [mailto:Edna.Taylor@haynesboone.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 2:29 PM
Subject: Ernie needs help ASAP
Importance: High

I received an email from Ernie's foster and she has done the best she can for him; however, because he is scared of other cats and dogs, Ernie has kept himself in a small storage closet for about a year now. I have sent out pleas to find Ernie a home or a foster home, but I am desparate now. Ernie is not eating well, he is listless and seems to have given up on life. PLEASE, can anyone with a room with a window and some time to spend with him foster him or know anyone that will adopt him that has NO other pets. His foster Mom is afraid that he is just giving up on life and willing himself to die. PLEASE, call or email me if you can help. Ernie is ONLY 4 years old, this is no way for him to end his life

Edna Taylor
Texas Siamese Rescue
(713) 628-4052
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Where in Texas is this?
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It is Houston, TX. The original owner got married, Ernie was petrified of the wife's pets, so the owner gave him up to rescue. He has been in this foster home for a year. Thanks for responding. If you want to communicate directly with me, I'll be happy to communicate with foster mom.
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I'm in College Station, so its not too terribly far from Houston, but I also have two cats, so I wouldn't make a very good home for poor Ernie. I do have a spare room with a window though. I wouldn't be able to make a trip down to Houston until next weekend, unfortunately.

We've got a few members in the Houston area though, so lets see if they can lend a hand. Besides that, the Houston area is more likely to find this poor guy a home than College Station, especially with the students leaving soon, but I'll be glad to be a sort of back-up possibility.

Hopefully someone comes along soon to help this poor boy out!
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First of all, Sandigress, thanks so much for your response and offer to be a backup.

I just heard from the rescue organization that they have at least found a new foster home for Ernie where he will have sunlight, attention, love and they can see what is going on with him and try to pull him out of his funk.

He still needs a permanent home, but this is progress. Like many of us, I receive lots of emails every day about pets in need, but this one really caught my attention. Thanks so much.
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I'm glad he has found a new foster home.
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Im in the Houston area and I have contacted a lady that I deal with thru the pharmacy that orders meds for the Houston branch of the Siamese rescue about a possible home for Ernie.

Glad he found a temp foster home though.
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Great news!!
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