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Why don't they bark ?

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Hi , for the past 36 years have been a breeder of showdogs( Siberian huskies) . You may ask what am I doing on a cat site .

Well for the first time ever we are raising an abandoned litter of 4 kittens(now 3 weeks old) that mumma cat kindly had in our greenhouse and then decided that motherhood was not for her.
Fortunatly I do have the advice of a lady who runs a cat rescue service , because kittens sure behave differently to puppies.
I was going to post an image but find no where to do this.
Thanks Robbie
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Siberian Huskies,That is my husbands passion he loves them.

How old are the kittens?

What are you feeding them?

Has the momma cat been back around?
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Hi and welcome. What a lovely thing you are doing looking after these little babies.

I upload my pics to www.photobucket.com and then insert an image by using the url it gives you for the pic. Im not very good at explaining things like this so you will have to excuse me. Im sure someone much more clever than me will be able to advise soon.
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Bumping this up.
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Thanks for your kind replies and I am sure that I will have lots of questions over the next few weeks. We are making our own formula from a recipe given to us
by our local cat lady. I will attempt to include an image with this
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Oh what a little sweetie. Bless your heart for being mommy and daddy for these babies.

Questions are always welcome and pic's even more so. I cant get enough of these little furr babies.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you as your babies grow.
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if possible, I'd see if any one has a nursing mom cat the you could take the kittens to. They will need a lot of intense care at 3 weeks of age - lots of feedings in 24 hrs.

We'll do our best to help you with questions. BTW you could also use a nursing bitch if you have one - even if its not the ideal milk - better then cow's milk. You'd have to get special kitten formula for your 3 week old kittens.
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The Babie is still fairly young,Beautiful Markings BTW.

Keep us posted on the progress of the babies.
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