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tumor or boil?

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Hi everyone!

My cat has developed a small lump under his skin (roughly between the size of a nickel and dime) and I was curious if anyone might know what it is. I am taking him to the vet later today... but I am so worried about this that any ideas would help calm my over-reactive mind. Thanks!
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You are doing the right thing to have kitty checked. Did he just get vaccinated by any chance in that location? It could be a spider bite, bug bite, however your vet is the one to put your fears to rest.
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Fifi got a lump like that on the back of her neck. I panicked and had test done, but it turned out that it was a slight reaction to her immunizations.

I would recommend a thorough vet check as there is no way of telling unless a biopsy is carried out on tissue/fluid removed from the lump.

Good luck.
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1 of mine had that and of course I paniced. It was a fatty deposit and nothing to worry about. I just had to try to get him to eat less (ha!) He is now on light food and the spot is smaller.
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How is your kitty? ANy news on what it could be?
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My vet said it was a reaction to a cortozine(sp?) shot that was given to him earlier because my cat is also loosing his hair for unknown reasons. My vet said not to worry if it doesn't get larger, but it still worries me. He said I could opt to have it removed, what do you all think?
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Jinxy had a reaction to one of her shots, but the lump when down in a few days.

Seeing as the vet seems to think it is ok at the moment I would leave it a while to see if it goes down of it's own accord.

Good luck, and I hope your cat feels better soon

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I am going through the same thing with my six year old Maine coon, Poo. I was told that he had a tumor in his tail that could be cancerous. I am trying to raise the money for his surgery to remove it, because they don't know if it is malignant or benign and that is the only way to save him from full blown cancer without amputating his tail.

My vet told me to watch it and honestly for six months it did not get larger until the last week or so and it ruptured. Now, Poo is bleeding from the tail constantly unless it is bandaged. Be mindful of your cat's lump and definitely get more than one opinion on it.

Here is the website for my fundraising project:

Please pass it along to anyone and everyone that you know.

Thanks and I hope all is well with your cat.
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