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Clicky Noise

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There are three boys in Mary-Jane's litter. The runt of the litter makes this really weird clicky noise. I think it could be coming from his mouth but I'm not sure. It sounds sort of like when you click your tongue or something, it's not very loud.
He is about the same size as the first born but a lot lighter. I think that he is nursing properly though because we always see all three boys ramming their faces in her belly.
I realize I'm probably over-reacting but does this sound like anything to worry about?
And I have never seen him or the other boy his size with an actual nipple in their mouth, but I assume they can nurse because they will just lay there at Mary-Jane's belly and I think they are nursing.
Also, he can meow so I know his mouth isn't sealed shut or anything.
Oh yeah, and they are only 2 days old.
I was just wondering if there was a connection between his clicky noise and weight.
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He is hungry mine do it too,If Cally gets up while they are nursing,They still make the suckling noise.

And if you look at them while doing it you can see there tonques formed as if they were feeding.

No need to panic mine do that at times too.

Mine even suck on your lips when you give them a kiss they must think im momma cat and will try to nurse off my lips lol.
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Yeah mine are doing it too. I love listening to them suckle......makes me laugh when they appear to be suckling on thin air though. It sounds like what this little baby is doing.
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it is adorable,I takes them a bit to realize that they are sucking on nothing my little calico girl gets right mad and it looks like she takes a tantrum throwing herself all over the place lol.

Thank god for the padded bed!
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