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Dandruff and degreasing

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I've really got two opposite questions.

I was brushing my 14 year old Persian today and noticed that she has quite a bit of dandruff coming off. What might be the reason for this? I've never seen her have dandruff before? Anything to do about it?

On another note, Copper's coat has occasionally gotten pretty greasy since she thinks she doesn't have to bathe herself anymore. I've heard people talking about goop for degreasing their cat. Someone tell me about this stuff. A website maybe?
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Lack of grooming can be a sign of a health problem. Dandruff can be related to diet, however I would say it could occur from lack of grooming too.

I would suggest taking Copper to the vet and requesting a senior blood panel and exam. The blood work can reveal a lot of health problems that are easily treated.
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I use goop (the regular mechanics hand cleaner) to degrease my show cats. I also use dawn.

Forgot to add I buy goop at Walmart it cost $1 so very cheap.
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Do you find goop in the automotive section?
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Yes but I have also seen it near hand soaps and dish detergents.
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What food are you feeding? That could play a role in both problems.
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She's been on Innova Evo for about a year now. I wouldn't guess it's the food.
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She likely needs a senior panel done ... And yes it could be the food as EVO is a rich food yet it is not as high as in fatty acids as many other premiums, plus at her age the % of protein may be too high for her ... Does she get wet evo??? or any wet food??...
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Try as I might, I haven't been able to get her to eat any wet food in her life! I've (amazingly) just recently gotten her to eat the tiniest amount of beef baby food, which i'm going to crush vitamins into for her. She doesn't eat as much as she could, and is a bit on the thin side, so i'm worried she might not be getting all the vitamins she needs.
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Please consult with a vet before giving vitamins. She should have the senior panel (blood work) that Sharky suggested. There could be a medical reason for her not eating as much and for the coat problems. Finding the source could help determine what she really needs.
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