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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY 4-25

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Halfway through the week!

And poor Nat is missing Hump Day...

Not much on the agenda here, work work work.... nice weather though, except its a bit warm for April...

How about a holiday for the pups?

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Awwwwww look at that pooches face

Morning chicks! It's mild here, but the winds blowing Nearly time to get the nose bag on though
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Not much happening here either, a few meetings and that's it.

The weather is supposed to be nice here all week

oh and my nephew was accepted into the primary school my sister wanted him to get in to
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Can't eat anything yet today as I have a health screening at 9 am.
Then to go grocery shopping, visit Barb at the rehab center -she is asking for magazines now!!
Might try to sand more on the fence-I just wrap up finger better so it doesn't get dirty-I cant get glove on yet(plus I just hit it on chair-yikes!!)
Not much else on the agenda today.
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I woke up to dog pee on the floor. Yuck1 I don't even know why he did it! He was outside the whole time we were there. He played in the water while i watered the gardens and played ball for a bit so I know he wasn't mad. I was mad though! Then the stinker didn't want to get up and go outside when I was letting them out this morning!

Other than that is just another Hump Day!
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My meeting was cancelled so just doing some paperwork and waiting for an intern to come and see me ~boring~
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Not much happening here. I am supposed to be reading up on my job at work - I hate self study for job training, so here I am at TCS and when everyone walks by, I flip over to the Digest of Entitlement Principles or the Employment Insurance Act and Regulations. I am really just waiting for a monitor to be appointed to me so I can start actually working and have some one to review my work.
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Finally spring is here. Such a beautiful breese coming in. The trees in the courtyard are blooming
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yes, half of the way ( middle of the week)
Good morning to everyone ( a bit late)..
I hope have you a great day!
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