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I have a secret for getting mine done. The older you get, the more it seems to hurt, but my boss gave me this wonderful stuff called emla cream. It is only by prescription in the US, but you can get it otc from Canada. It makes it feel like someone is touching you, but is painless. I thought he was kidding when he told me it would work that way. There is no way I would have sat through the 16 or so hours I already have done on my back without it. Yes, I admit it, I am a big wuss! If anyone in the US is interested in ordering it, BMEshop.com is where I order mine from.
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yes I have a tattoo of a cat all post a link to it soon.
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I have one little tattoo, a rose on the outside just above my left ankle. I was a total chicken about getting one...pain (especially by choice!) is not my idea of fun! But my sister (younger by 14 months) had already had one, and it was kind of a "if she gets one, it's ok that I have one", and while we were at it, she got another one! She has a seahorse on the top of her shoulder, and a rose (fairly large) on her ankle...it is probably about 2 or 3 inches in height and colored. Mine is just a black 1 inch rose. I don't think I would get another one. A lot of my friends have them (no we didn't grow up together or all get them at the same time), and they keep adding to their collections lol. No one could believe that I actually got a tattoo, and no one really believed me until it was like 2 months later and it hadn't washed off lol. It was kind of funny. :flash: Anyways, it didn't hurt as bad as what I thought it would. It kind of felt like a cat scratch (and we all know how that feels!), a bit prolonged, but it wasn't as bad as I thought.
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Here it is. I really need to get it touched up, but haven't had the money for someone new to work on it (my artist died about 4 years ago ). If you know the designs (NIN from Sin and Rosetta Stone's cover art) you can see it, but otherwise it just looks like an abstract tribal.

(Told you I would post a pic Bundy! :tounge2: )
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I have a small tattoo on my left arm. It's the arrow that symbolizes Sagittarius. I'd post a pic, but my digital sucks so much that all I have taken have turned out blurry. Thought about getting a 2nd when Colby got her musical notes, but the place didn't have what I was looking for.....
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I've played with the idea, for years and never did it. My ex hated tattoos and loved long hair. My hair has been collar-length, for the past year-and-a-half and I'm pricing tattoos.

My best cat, ever, was Peanut, a white shorthair. I have some really good pictures of him and I'm looking for an artist, who can replicate him on my left shoulder blade.

Bill has a fat imp, on his upper arm. He won't tell me the story behind that. He just says, "I was a crazy SOB, when I was a kid."
He says that he wants to go with me, when I get it done. I can stand a lot of pain but, it will be nice to have him hold my hand.

Eventually, I'd like to have a discreet rosebud, in my cleavage. I have to be able to cover these up, for future jobs and I'm not sure that I want my mother to know.
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