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Anybody use "Feline Pine" litter?

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I heard praises of Feline Pine, so last time I was at the pet store, I looked for it. I was kinda surprised when I saw it because they were pellets.

I just wondered if anyone uses it and what their opinions are.

I currently use World's Best, but I don't like the dustiness.

Feline Pine doesn't look dusty at all but the pellets just look very odd to me.
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Didnt like the smell or the non clumping
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I had a couple of bags given to me about a year ago. I did not like the smell either. Sho seemed a little uncomfortable with the pellets but did use them.
Also I didn't like how it broke down when wet, I found it to be rather messy.
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I tried it and neither the cats or I cared for it. I did find a good use for it though. I still had some of it when we had the ice storm and it seemed like everytime a car was parked it was stuck because of packed snow and ice. Feline Pine works great for getting enough traction to get unstuck. I'll probably keep some in my car next winter just for that.
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I used it a long time ago, it was not bad but cats don't seem to like the rabbit pellets If you get some, I would mix it into the existing litter to see the cat's reaction.
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I use Feline Pine because that is what the breeder used and this is my first cat

It is very strange litter.. because obviously it is non clumping and when wet it turns into sawdust, so it makes it look dirty all the time, even when it is very clean. On the back of the bag it says you should replace the litter every 2 weeks, but.. I find I replace it weekly because of how dirty it looks.

Princess doesn't seem to mind it, but then she's never had anything else to compare it to either.
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we tried Feline Pine Scoop and the cats HATED it. they wanted their regular scooping litter. thank goodness i only put it in one box or we could have had trouble. i liked that it had no scent, but that doesn't matter if the cats won't use it.
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It's all I'll use, because it has no perfumey smell of its own (unlike regular litters) and because it completely eliminates urine odors. The pine smell is strong the first day but fades quickly. What's great is that even after two weeks, when you change it, there's none of that stinging ammonia smell.

The sawdust can be a problem once the litter is dirty, so it helps to sift it so the whole pellets come to the top and the sawdust settles underneath. I've never tried the special sifting litterboxes, but they seem like a good idea.
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I and my cats were very confused about this litter. I tried mixing it in with Sscoop Wheat and they didn't mind it but it was hard scooping out clumps because the pine pellets would also get caught in the scoop so I'd have to try so dump them back into the box to avoid flushing them. I threw that litter out and put one box of just pine out and they girls only use them if they can't get to the other litter box (w/ Sscoop). I do like the fact that it doesn't track 'cause its pellets but the girls very confused by it since they can't dig. I'll give it a few more weeks before I throw it out but I won't use it again.
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I used it & liked it. The only thing was that the pee made it into dust & I hated cleaning that up. I got Feline Pine scoops, so removing poop was no problem. I've heard a lot of people like it a lot when used with the FP litterbox.

The smell seems to be a purr-sonal opinion. I didn't mind it, but the entire 2 legged family hated it.
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Well, I was using this but just switched to Swheat Scoop and wow! It is sooo much easier to clean!

She pooped in it just once so far (just changed yesterday) and it stunk real bad, but I removed it right away... but I just changed her food too, so that is probably why. The urine does not stink and forms this nice little clump.

In short, I think Feline Pine is very nice at controlling odors, but I'll never do non-clumping again, this is great!
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I LOVE Feline Pine and that is all I will ever use. I tried so MANY different kinds before settling on Feline Pine. Seriously I could sell the stuff cuz I like it so much.

I like it because it isn't smelly or perfumy. It smells like pine, other then when the cats just poop it smells like pine when they dig around in it.

I also like that it is flushable. When they poop I flush it. The urine turns to sawdust. You can pick up the sawdust after it dries and it smells like pine, not urine. I let it turn to mostly sawdust and then I dump it all.

So thats that, may little sales pitch on Feline Pine. I swear I don't work for them at all
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I have used it for years w/ 2 cat (the less neurotic one) taak a while to get used to it. There is less dust, less smell (I think) and less tracking little pellets everywhere. One cat, who is very OCD about her litter box used to be covered in wet clay pee-pee/poo-poo paws....Viola- no more!
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