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Jade is having some serious painful diarrhea!

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Jade has had loose stools since she "learned how to poop on her own" today. I wonder if that was not so much learning how to poop on her own as explosive diarrhea. Tonight, she started screaming 2 hours after being fed/pooping. I got her over the sink just in time. That's the 4th time since pm today she had very runny stools. She's 4-5 weeks old & still being bottled kitten formula. She screams her little eyes out when she has the poops. It looks like it could be a little bloody, too.

I'm worried. What should I do?
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What kind of formula do you have her on? If it is KMR, then I would replace the container or switch to goat's milk.

Bloody diarrhea can be an indication of intestinal parasites, giardia or coccidia. If you can get a small sample into the vet for parasitic analysis, that might rule out intestinal parasites.

If it were me, I would try to introduce her to a little bit of chicken meat-only baby food. My suggestion to you would be to boil about a cup of long-cooking white rice, let that cool, and then puree it with the baby food in the food processor or blender until it is soupy but not runny. It needs to have a little consistancy. Warm it gently and then offer it to Jade. The chicken and rice is very helpful when it comes to binding up the stool. I normally smear a little puddle of the stuff on a dessert-sized paper plate and then scoop it up on my fingers. I offer it to the babies, but if they don't take to it right away, then I help them out a little by putting just a small bit right into the mouth. They get the idea pretty quickly after that.

Hopefully, with a little diet change, Jade will feel better soon. But I would think about reducing her dependance on the bottle at this age ... the formula might be the culprit.
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I hope all is well for little Jade, She has come such a long way. Bless her,

Sending her lots of hugs and kisses
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I would take her too the vet,There could be something going on in there.

Im so sorry this is happening to her poor little one.

Your vet might have the best answer,Also it is better being safe then sorry,

Could she be Allergic to the Formula,and have an allergic reaction?
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Jade has a 3:15pm vet appt. I'm to bring a stool sample if she poops. And, if she's old enough, I'm gonna get her FeLV tested(pray she's negative!).
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I wish you all the luck!

Please let us know when you get back!
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There's nothing wrong with her. She's also too young to FeLV test I was told. They think 4-5 weeks, she's just chubby.

Still has awful stools. I've got some canned a/d to work on switching her to. Hopefully it works. My littlest DIVA wants nothing to do with real food, she'd much rather chew her bottle!
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oh bless her. Im so pleased she is ok.

Hopefully her tummy will settle soon.

Emma x x x x x
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im so glad shes ok, good luck with the weening
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