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Confirmed. Soleil is in heat!

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Now it is really confirmed and no more doubt about it. Soleil is in heat. I was a bit confused as Singa's heaty signals were completely different (before she was spayed, of course).
Last night she was sitting outside talking and chatting in one go It did not sound as "painful" as when Singa voiced her heat. She was just talking to herself it seemed
When she realized we wolke up she came to the door and cried to be let in. The minute I opened the door she rubbed her head against my leg (with full force as always) and stuck her but but as high as she could manage.
I had to pee so she came in the bathroom with me. rubbing around my legs, at my hands, on the floor, on the wall - anything within reach and in between she would wiggle her butt (stepping from one rear paw to the other) and move her rear in front of me and then look over her shoulder at me as if to encourage me...

Sheesh! No way, Soleil!!!!! I am not gonna do that for you
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Are you getting her spayed or do you want kittens?
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Originally Posted by Kalikat View Post
Are you getting her spayed or do you want kittens?
Of course I will, but right now she is still too young to be stayed - according to my vet at least. He won't spay her till she is 6 months, which is in 1-1.5 months time.

But no worries she can't get outside unless she takes the key, unlocks the front door, calls for the lift, presses the right button for ground floor and presses another button to exit the main door.
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Good on you. I don't know much about animals going on heat as I've always had them spayed/neutered at or before 6 mths. Blossom my 7 1/2 m/o kitty was spayed at 5 months.
Four & 1/2 mths seems young to be on heat. In Australia shelters spay as young as 4-5 weeks & breeders spay/neuter at 10 weeks before they go to their new homes at 12 weeks.
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I thought it was quite early too, but then again, maybe she is older than everybody thinks? I got her Feb 11 and the foster said she was 5 wks at that time, but the vet said she must be 6 wks.
So she actually could be 5 months now... I just pretend she was born on Jan 1st so its easier for me to calculate the rough age

I know I can spay her earlier than 6 months, but my vet won't do it. Since she has no way of getting out of the house I don't worry about it... I just dread the upcoming sleepless nights
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aww your little girl is growing up - well you will have fun, she'll be crying to get out to those boys

Well at least she cant get out and it wont belong before you can have her spayed

Have fun
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It scared me when I 1st heard that cats continually come on heat if not mated. I've been lucky to have my 2 girls spayed before they came on heat.
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Cats can come into heat at 4-5 months old! They do cycle - it will last about 2 weeks, then start over again, so she probably will cycle at least one more time before you can get her spayed.

Since its not a good idea to let them continually go in/out of heat without being bred, talk to your vet and tell them she's in heat now, and is there any possiblity you can have her done as soon as she stops - even if she's not 6 months old.
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