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Mika's having babies!! right now!!!

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Well, Mika has had one baby!! Healthy and nursing!! yay! And she is inside! My mom agreed to a box! And is it normal for momma to sit on her babies??? Well thats it for now! I will keep you guys updated!!
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I have no experiance with pregnant cats or cats that have just had kittens so I can't answer your question.
I just wanted you to know how happy I am that Mika and baby are doing well and that your Mom allowed Mika to come indoors.
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She hasn't eaten the placenta off the second one yet!! ahh! Or washed it off! And this one is big!
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Oh goody another fur baby
I'm sure she'll clean the little chubby baby up soon.
Keep us updated!
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~Oh YAYY more babies~

~Hopefully mom will clean them up. NoNo didnt do the last one and I had to cut the umbilical cord and tie it off with some thread. I even had to break the bag Tosca was in and dry her off with a towel. Its like mom was too exausted. Hopefully you dont have to do this but if so this is what you need to do. Tie off the umbilical cord not to close to the babies belly....then snip it on the other side of the thread. If she hasnt busted the bag and licked the baby you may have to do it. Sounds icky but just take your fingernail etc bust the bag, remove it from the kittens face and dry off the face area so it can breath. Im so happy she let you bring her in! Keep up posted and cant wait to see pics~
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#3 was just born! wow she didn't even look that big!! Thanks for the information! Very much appreciated. I will do that if she needs help. All of them are orange like Daddy cat that came around! One even has the white tip on it's tail! lol Cute. I won't get pictures tonight, but I will try sometime soon!
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Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the pics!
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Thats fantastic news your mom gave you the ok and you were able to bring
Mika in. She now has the best start she can for these little ones.

Well done for taking care of mika and I cant wait to see pics of her lovely furr babies.
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Well done Mika!!! Cant wait to see pics!
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aww well done Mika some more orange babies how sweet

keep us and with photos of course
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this is such great news , well done you and your mum, and of course well done mika. keep us updated on how things are going
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Well done Mika, and you (and your mom) for looking after her
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That's great, congratulations!!
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Congradulations Mom and Mika

Lets see some pictures!
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yeah....can never have too many furr baby pics
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Can we please see some pictures lol.

It is so exciting new life.
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Mika had only 3! Yay! And she had two boys, and one little girl! I will go take some pictures. Mika is being such a good momma! She had troubles with the big boy, it hurt her anyways, I had to give the baby to her so she could lick him dry. And she did, and ate the sac. Is there anything else that is supposed to come out?
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Congratulations to all of you
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Congratz! how did you manage to convince your mom to let her inside? And did you bring her in while she was giving birth? Or did you bring her in andshe give birth? Or???....
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We brought her in while she was giving birth, I found her first kitten out in the doghouse! (Her, and Smokie's doghouse) Thats why she was being more aggressive than usual! And fighting with Smokie, now they both want each other back! Mika's going to go crazy because I won't let her back out! lol
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Well thats good, i'm glad she caved in, and that mika is okay!!
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I'm so relieved!!! Sounds like you and Mika did well!!! I'm sooooo glad that your mom caved and allowed them to be born inside...that takes a load off right there!!!

Congrats! How's everyone nursing?
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