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Reeses is scared stiff!

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I was sitting in here a few minutes ago and all of a sudden I hear this blood curdling yell/screech/meow from Reeses in the other room. You know, the kind that a cat would make if it were really hurt or in a fight. She did it a few times and I ran to find out what the heck the problem was. I expected her to be stuck under something or hurt or I didn't know what.

We have a sliding glass door going to our deck and the blinds were open and of course it's dark, but my wife says she thinks she saw a cat or some sort of animal out on the deck.

Reeses is really shaken up though. She's got the poofy tail and mohawk back going on and is hiding under the table. She won't come near us even if we bribe her with something. My wife shut the blinds but she keeps looking to see if it's still there.

I'm shaken up too. I've never heard her make a sound like that ever, she's usually pretty mild mannered. I didn't know she had it in her
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I've had somthing similar happen to me when we had a Fisher on our deck looking in at the cats BOTH of them went absoulutely nutty at 3:00 in the morning loud enough to wake the neibours that live 1/3 of a km away. I run out and scare it off grab one of the cats and hold it until it stops shakeing. I could barely stop shakeing. it's a very scary experiance. I hope Reeses calms down. it took Sibohan almost an hour to stop shakeing.
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I know exactly the scream you are talking about. I really wonder what caused it. It has to be something she feels completely defenseless against. I hope she goes back to her usual self quickly.
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Poor baby!!! You'll have to give her some kitty treats and lots of loving when she calms down
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Poor baby!!! You'll have to give her some kitty treats and lots of loving when she calms down
My wife offered her treats but she wouldn't take them. They're in her bowl waiting for when she's ready
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Poor baby! Wonder what scared her so! Was the door open? She wasn't howlin at her own reflection or anything right? Poor baby!
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Poor Reeses. I always hate it when they get so scared, if only they understood us that it's OK.

Someday, you guys should meet Ophelia. That's about the only noice she can make!
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something scared eazy and heyu one night, and they both went under the bed and would not come out for a couple of hours. still dont know what it was that scared them
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Hope Reeses settles down soon, poor kitty.

Perhaps she saw a ghostie?
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Cleo did that to me a couple of years ago at about 3 am. It is the most horrifying sounding scream that has ever touched human ears, isn't it???

Cleo was on one side of the window and another cat was sitting on the narrow 3 inch outside ledge looking in. They were both puffed up at least twice their normal size. Scared the bejeebers outta me! It took her hours to calm down. She kept pacing back and forth, between the windows, looking for her foe.

Sure hope Reeces calms down soon. She may very well stay vigilant the rest of the evening. Poor girl!!
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aww, poor Reeses when you do get her, give her some gentle tummy rubs from us
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She's ok now. We decided that we're going to shut the blinds at night so this doesn't happen again

The door wasn't open because I don't have a screen for it yet. She's seen her shadow plenty of times and even if it were the first I don't think it would've caused that much of a reaction But my wife did say she thought she saw something move away from the window, we just don't know what it was.
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