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Spa Select Wet Food Recall???

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I went to PetsMart today to get Carl's Blue Buffalo Spa Select wet food, which I switched him to b/c it has no wheat gluten in it...and there was a sign on the aisle that it had been voluntarily recalled!?!?!

I have gone to the Blue Buffalo website, as well as the recall websites, and I cannot find a single reference to it. I asked the attendant at Petsmart but she only had information that it had been a voluntary recall of the wet cans only, no other info.

:censor::censor::censor:? I thought I was safe switching to something without any gluten in it, and Carl will not eat raw food (tried that already).

Has anyone heard of this one yet?
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I definitely want to know if this is true because I just picked up a bunch last night. I did see on the Petsmart site that they recalled some dry food but I didn't see mention of the wet food. This is just so bad. I really will have to feed my cat just people food from now on. Tonight she had some shaved turkey from the deli , some chicken breast meat and some salmon. She's eating better than I am . I hate feeding her the deli turkey but she likes it. I just can't feed her too much because it has so much salt.
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The only thing they recalled, voluntarily, was a kitten wet food. I believe everything else should have been available still.
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Yes the dry kitten food is the one recalled due to possibley contaminated rice protein concentrate

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I have just sent my local Petsmart an email with reference to the Blue Buffalo letter I found online last night.

According to that letter, only the kitten DRY food was recalled, though Petsmart had removed all the wet food except the kitten wet and had also removed the kitten dry, leaving only the adult dry food and had a big yellow paper saying the contents were removed due to recall.

I also talked to an associate who told me that the adult wet food was volutarily recalled. I plan on calling them this afternoon, as this misinformation scared the crap out of me! With as much uncertainty this recall has caused, the last thing cat owners need is misinformation from the very place we buy our food.

I really wish Carl would eat anything off the raw food diet...he is so darn picky! I keep trying difference things every now and then.
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Please keep us updated about what you find out. I hope it's just that your local Petsmart was misinformed about the canned food being recalled. I've looked and looked but can find no references on the web to any Blue recalls other than the kitten dry food. I bought a few cans of the wet recently which I fed to Seamus. Now I'm concerned. Honestly, I don't know what to do anymore. After the first round of recalls I bought varieties of both NB and Blue Spa thinking that they were safe, but then they started being recalled as well. SO FAR, I haven't gotten any of the specific products that have been recalled but that is no guarantee. It seems like new brands and products are added daily. For the moment I'm working on using up the rest of the Blue Spa dry and Nutro NC dry that are currently not on the recall list, and I'm back to using mostly the Fancy Feast and Meow Mix wet varieties without wheat gluten. At this point, I guess the next best step is to switch to Innova Evo or another grain free food. Even then, I'm not feeling especially confident about any pet food right now.
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Apparently the wet food was sold out the day they put up the recall papers on the aisles. They had purposefully removed all the recalled foods, and when the associate saw the open space, he/she assumed it was a recall. He had no record of anything other than the kitten dry recall.

They had implemented the whole recall notice thing over the weekend, and Monday was the first day they had it in full swing. Apparently it was a large oversight, and he assured me that he would be going through all the aisles to make sure there were no other misplaced notices. I expressed how upset it made me to not feel like I could trust those who are supposed to help pet owners in this time of uncertainty. I might take a break from our local Petsmart for a while...not like it will make an impact.

I bought some free range organic chicken thighs and breast at the grocer last night, I think I might try the whole raw diet thing again.

I am at the point where I don't trust anything anymore, I mean I thought I was safe with something void of glutens, but now with grain contamination, I am at a loss--what is safe to feed my cat???
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I'm relieved to hear the canned food still appears to be okay, although it's unfortunate that Petsmart's mistake gave you such a scare! It's such a confusing time right now.
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