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Therapy cat?

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Is there such thing as a therapy cat, like a therapy dog that goes to nursing homes or hospitals to cheer up the patients. I was just wondering since my cat is very outgoing and a people cat. he will be visiting a bunch of kids at a school and if he enjoys that it would be cool. So I was thinking he meets the personality of a dog that would be a therapy dog. Another thing with him is that when my other cat Neko was a kitten I got scratches all over my hands With Willie I think I've gotten one and that was probably him trying to crawl onto my shoulder to bump my head when he slipped. So do therapy cats exist?
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Yes there is, go to "The Delta Society" website for more information. Im sure there are a lot of different places named this, so if you maybe type in Delta Society - Therapy Animals..... It'll pull it up.
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Yes I think there is, as suggested try the Delta Soc. Some ppl are cat ppl & some are dog ppl. If your cat's reliable give it a go. You would both need training & certification to qualify.
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