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Hello Everyone!
My name is nichole. I'm twenty three and currently A full time college student. I recently adopted my first cat. Her name is fury.
She is a beautiful orange and white female With alot of emotional baggage.
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Welcome Nichole!

You've come to the right place.

P.S. don't forget to post pictures.......we all LOVE pics!
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Glad you are here!
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Hi Nichole! Welcome! I sure hope you find The Cat Site to be as wonderful a place as I have! One thing is for sure - you are among cat lovers!!! Just pop in anywhere and start posting. You'll find you get a warm reception wherever you go here. There are a lot of wonderful, knowledgeable people here just ready to help, to laugh at your cat, to help with behavior or health problems - and even just to talk about just about anything you want!

That's why we're here! And the way it works here is you just post and see what happens!

A lot of us check in from work to follow threads we've gotten interested in, but don't have time to hang around....

The Site is segregated into different sections. You'll find The Lounge is - just a place to post whatever's up. Things about cats, what's going on in your life, pictures of your furbabies (and we really do love pics!) - etc.

I came to the Cat Site through the Feral Forum, and spent most of my first few months there.

But now I have lots of fun in the Caption This! forum, and if you're into writing, a number of people seem to have a lot of fun over in the Paws and Reflect forum.

We mourn our losses and comfort each other and our lost loved ones in the Crossing the Bridge forum, and I doubt there's been a time for any of us when we haven't learned something from or needed help from the Behavior, Health, and Grooming forums.

If you're a softie for the hard luck cases, you'll find plenty in the ferals forum or the Cat S.O.S.

In all of these places, if you have experience or opinions, you can share them to help others - it's part of the beauty of this site. There are many experts here, but us just plain old folk get to contribute as well.

If you find yourself "hanging around," you may want to get to "know us" and share with us who you are. There's the biographies thread Biographies, who we are - Members Gallery, and as that is updated infrequently, those who have posted pictures but haven't made it into the Gallery yet are in the Pictures! Pictures! thread.
Pictures! Pictures!
If you have questions about how to post pictures and other computer-related stuff here, you may find the answers or ask here: Your Computer Questions...Answered!

Don't forget to check in with "Our Super Duper Important Threads" from time to time (at the beginning of The Cat Lounge Forum).

Welcome aboard - and have fun!

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Hello Nichole, great to have you here.

Tell us more about Fury (is that really Fury or Furry), a cat name Fury is quite a scary proposition!

Anyway, welcome and jump on in.
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Hi, Nichole! I'm glad you joined us. Having a cat will help keep you calm during those mid-term and final test study sessions. Come and visit with us often!
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Welcome to the site, Nichole! This really is a great place to hang out, get all your kitty questioned answered, and just have fun. I think Fury sounds like a purrfect name for an orange kitty, especially one with emotional baggage, as you said. If you have any questions about how to relate better to her, how to make her trust you more, please feel free to post them. We have quite a few members who have worked with rescues, some from pretty horrible situations, and can give you some great things to try with Fury.

You are an angel for taking in and having the patience to work with a kitty with a difficult background. I'm sure the rewards she gives you (or will) will be worth every second of frustration.
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Welcome to the site Nicole - I love your cat's name! I hope that you post some pics for us!
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