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Another sad animal-cruelty story

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I just read this story, and warning if you are easily upset. In my state police have been hunting down hoons who were chasing three female kangaroos, running over, and clubbing their heads two joeys were saved but one had to be put down. One little joey was named Akira and she is doing well. There is a beautiful picture of her here with her carer

http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21618243-2,00.htmlI just dont understand how people can be so disgusting and cruel to wildlife. If you are Australian you know how beautiful these animals are. It's a beautiful thing to see them in the wild, instead of just visiting them at wildlife parks. There are many pods that live on Tristans parents property and i just love it when you can see the little babys hiding in the grass and they just stare at you with their big eyes.
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Some people make me sick!
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The surviving joey is adorable. I'm glad she is ok and I hope she does well. As for the ones responsible for this, I hope they rot in a jail cell, lose every penny to thier name, and get served bad cheese for dinner every night.
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I'll move this to SOS
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Some people make me sick!

Some people are just evil, there is a special place in Hell for those that did this to those beautiful animals.
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How tragic! That was so heart breaking to read. I wont even start to say what should be done to the people who did that. .
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Some people in Australia think Kangaroos are pests because they eat all the grass, I saw a show that said that, because roos are so good at eating alot or grass. I guess they take away from farmland or the other species in australia, so many people try to get rid of as many of them as they can.

Like squirrels here that dig up people plants and ruin the grass, so they dont represent the U.S., but they still dont need to be killed by people who hate them.

I like squirrels and kangaroos even if they ruin crops or are over abundant.
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That's why you do humane population control--sterilize or move them, or at worst kill them humanely. Running them over is just inexcusable.
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