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Here is an article I wrote about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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I wrote an article about my experiences over the last few months with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I wrote it for my disabled drummer website, so it contains a few disability and drumming references in it, but not much. It is more about how it all started for me and how I've been dealing with it. I also include some information about signs to look for, preventing it, and treatments. There are also a few helpful links in the article as well at the end.

It's pretty long, so I broke it up into 3 parts which are accessible throughout the article.

Enjoy! I hope people here can get some information out of it.

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Dang this thing was sure buried, Rob. Good article, from the perspective of someone who has been through it.
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WOW. What a good read.I'm sure it will help out alot of people who have suffered from it.
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That was a really great article Rob and some really nice links.
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Thanks to all who read it and got something from it.

I guess it really did get buried
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Rob, that's one outstanding piece of work! You write with great clarity, and with a warm, personal tone as well. I'm sure a lot of the folks on that site will benefit from reading that article. You ought to look into putting it on other sites as well, to reach more people. Just excellent!
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I read this when you sent this to me - it is a big help for me as I now have Carpal Tunnel, and have been referred to the orthopedic surgeon on June 28th, something that I am very nervous about, and reading your side has helped me learn more about the process in treating it.

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Hey Rob,
Great article. I also had carpal tunnel syndrome and had surgery on both my hands - about 4 weeks apart and the total recovery time was about 4 months off work. yay! haha

It solved the problems immediately and all went well with recovery. My scars are longer than yours - wanna compare? They blend in fairly well to the crease in my wrists, as they curve a bit and are approx 3 inches long each.

My sister had the surgery as well, but she had the little incisions like yours and she had major problems with healing, but then again, she tends to not heal great with any of her surgeries and I always heal really well, so that is probably more a matter of her than the surgery.

Thanks again for sharing, it brought back memories - esp the EMG. haha
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