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Went to the doc earlier..

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And a word of advice to people... If you do not desperately need an antibiotic shot DO NOT GET ONE, and even if you do need it, run away! They're more painful then any tetanus shot (unless maybe the tetanus shot was being given with an ice pick)

It was horrible, first it burned, then the pain started, then that felt like it kicked my stomach up into my throat. The nurse grabbed the trash bin and made me lay down. I couldn't walk out on my own, my dang hip and leg still hurts. No way am I doing that again if I can help it.
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goodnight honey! what on earth did they give you?
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I had to have one several years ago and the worst side effect for me was the cost. Over $100!
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OUCH!! What did they give you?? I hope you get to feeling better!
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Ieeeeeeeee! I'll run away if they try to give me one of them! Ouch!
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I can relate to how you felt. I had a steroid shot in my hip and it hurt like heck because it was one of those long needles that can go into the joint.
I hope that you are feeling a bit better now that you have had it in your system for a bit. Is it helping you any?
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Ooo-eee-owww! Sounds like maybe that was a little too close to a nerve!
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It was some antibiotic, I'm still sore but not as bad now. I feel like someone kicked my butt, literally. Apparently that is the side effect from it.

I was lucky enough to catch whatever cold or flu is passing around lately. Unlike most people once it hits my respiratory system and lungs I'm usually unable to shake it off. I did not want pneumonia again, that is no fun at all.

I also got 7 days of huge really strong antibiotics to take and some cough syrup. Surprisingly the cough syrup isn't that bad!

As for costs, I am VERY glad that DH has good heath insurance.
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