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How close are we?

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I was just giving Sasha her nightly belly rub and noticed a very tiny amount of a milky white discharge coming from "down there". She has been eating today but not much... I offered her a little of the roast we had for dinner and she took a bite and left the rest alone which is very much unlike her. She isn't panting and doesn't really look uncomfortable or seem to be having any contractions. I have to find the animal thermometer to take her temp., but wanted to see what you all think.... could it be soon? She's approximately 59 days tomorrow, but I could have been off by as many as 4 days.
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It could be close now, so keep watch. Every cat is different but my girl got very restless and anxious when she was getting ready to deliver. She wanted me right the heck there with her at all times and I risked her wrath if I so much as got up to go to the bathroom. When labor is starting, you might notice her going to the litter box more frequently, straining as if she needs to poop, but can't. Some queens will empty out their systems thoroughly before delivery and my girl is one of them. I can't believe the amount of poop that comes out of that little girl! I mean, where does she keep it??? Sorry, I digress ... if this is your girl's first litter, be watchful that she doesn't present a kitten in the litter box. There is nothing more frustrating than a wet kitten dredged in a kitty litter breading. It is impossible to get it all off and Mom will be freaking out that you are withholding her baby from her. I remove the clay litter and replace it with shredded office paper until the babies are all born just in case.

You may also notice a slight tensing of the stomach muscles and then a rolling motion of the lower body as contractions begin. Contractions can begin sometimes days before actual delivery though, so be observant. You may want to start confining her to the room where her nesting box or crate is located for several hours and overnight to get her used to it now.
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It does sound like she is getting closer but these ladies like to keep us guessing.

Boo had almost no signs she was going to produce kittens yesterday other than she had kept me up all night wanting constant company. She was also off her food and refused breakfast. I saw no contractions, no panting and no discharge....I took the kids to school and when i returned 30mins later there was a baby. She didnt pant threw the whole of her labour. I only knew when the next baby was coming when she started to push.

I would put her in the place you have given her as a nesting area and if possible confine her in there for a while and see if she settles.

Hope all is well and things are happening for you.

Emma x x x
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Signs are there that she is getting close....sounds like anytime this week! Come on Sasha we're all rooting for you and those babies your baking inside you!

Has she indicated where her preferred nesting area is?
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Thanks everyone. No news to report this morning, I was up frequently last night checking on her. Late last night I checked her "down there" again and didn't see as much discharge, and the babies were extremely active again.

Has she indicated where her preferred nesting area is?
I actually have a large dog crate set up for her and I've been keeping her in it at night for about 3 weeks now, just so she gets used to it and so she doesn't get into anything that might hurt her while I sleep. She really enjoys her crate and during the day when she's out, she usually goes back in there to sleep. The crate is about 4 feet off the ground so it'll be warmer, it's in the bedroom with no access to outside doors so it won't be drafty and it's got lots of towels right now (blankets after the babies are born).... do you think I need to put a small space heater there too for the babies once they come? We're in a basement and it's not really cold although we do have a little a/c coming down through the ducts... I'd say it's in the low 70s all the time down here. I've got two ceramic heaters that I can set up if they're needed.
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That is what Cally started doing right after her water broke she was scratching the blankets all over the place.

I always use Fleece Blankets i find it keeps the babies super warm.

Keep checking for that mucas plug,That is a for sure sign when that goes.

Now they do like to keep us waiting.

Also watch for her back end,When Cally went her back end was soaked,I knew then it was time.

Best Of Luck!
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As to the heaters,Momma keeps them pretty warm.

Just check them put your hands and see if there warm if not take the heaters out but i dont think you will have too.

It is spring here and there is a draft in Becca's room but the kittens are always warm.

But it could be the fleece blankets i use.
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just a quick thing about the fleece blankets , i always found that my kittens would get there little claws caught on them often so i changed them.
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I don't have fleece blankets, I have two large "Pooch Planet pet spreads" that I got from Sam's... the top is soft cotton and the underside is a rougher polyester like material... I only ever let the animals lay on the softer side. I think they'll be fine for the babies.. and with two I can rotate them and clean them every day.

Nothing new happening yet. I haven't seen any mucous or anything at all today and she's eating fine and resting a lot. She was wandering around poking her head in every "hole" she could find... she went into the cat play house and dug around for awhile and then layed down. So she's starting to nest a little... but nothing big is happening and I doubt it'll be today.

Oh, and apparently my pet thermometer is broken so until I can get up to the store later today or tomorrow I can't take her temp.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
just a quick thing about the fleece blankets , i always found that my kittens would get there little claws caught on them often so i changed them.
Oh yes they do,But when they are little,The first couple weeks of life they really have no movement,But i find them real warm and Cally loves them.

But when they start moving around more i just use sheets.

I dont like towels simply because the material comes out i find them the worst thing for the claws getting caught.

But we all know as soon as they can get out of the box they dont stay there.

So my daughter has blankets and teddy bears in the corner of her room that they tend too choose to sleep in.
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Just a quick update: no babies yet of course. She hasn't had any more discharge and I still can't express milk yet. She's eating fine, and the babies are very active. Sasha has been extremely grumpy today though, usually she is very affectionate but she clawed my face and bit me when I reached to pet her earlier. We're going to the store tonight to pick up a thermometer.
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I hope she delivers soon!
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Temperature at around 6 p.m. was 100.4 degrees. In comparison, Missy's was 101.4 degrees. I noticed a tiny bit more discharge on Sasha but nothing very significant.
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They will be having them soon im sure,I Hope soo waiting is so tough aint it?
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Well, Mika was very moody when she was about to deliver! She was fighting with Smokie! And hissing at every animal in sight! And that is very not like her! And when Mika delivered her second baby she wanted me to be with her! Because she might have trouble with him, and she kind of did, not very much though! Thank goodness! Good luck! We want pictures when they are born too!
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The waiting is the hardest! And I know Missy's still got close to 2 weeks left! I just started feeling her babies move yesterday. I'm getting excited, I hope Sasha delivers soon. Sasha is being a bit more friendly tonight, she's still acting a bit moody but no more biting and she wants her belly rubbed again. Just a second ago she was laying on my lap and I could feel the babies moving against my leg a lot! lol.

And there will definitely be pictures when they are born! I'm really hoping I can get a new digital camera before they're born, otherwise I'll be taking pictures with my cell phone.
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Just think soon enough you will have beautiful babies!

Do you plan on keeping any?
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I'm definitely keeping one of Sasha's.
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Just took Sasha's temperature.... it's 99.5. Sooo are we getting closer today?
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