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to "Six Feet Under". I know that Heidi watches this show as well...but does anyone else? I just started watching this season and I just can't wait for Sunday night to get here so I can watch this awesome show!

I love all of the characters (Nate, David, Claire, Keith) but Brenda just kills me! Did you see what she did last night???

That girl needs that shrink no matter what she tells herself (literally!?!). But boy she sure adds excitement to the show. :tounge2:

Would love to keep this thread going with any other SFU fans!
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I love sunday nights on HBO. I hate to be bothered after 8!

I love SFU as well. I've seen the currently episodes, so I'll tidy up when it's on. Last night I caught bits and pieces. Brenda is wack! Just wait....she goes even more out of control.
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Oh Sunday has become my favorite TV night by far! :tounge2:

How do you know that things get crazier with Brenda? Are they currently airing reruns?
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yes, they are running last season, like the did with the sopranos.
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I am so obsessed with this show!!!

You know, just when I think that my relationship isn't all that great, I see another episode with Nate and Brenda and think I must be doing OK. LOL Talk about dysfunctional... I think brenda's just as messed up as Billy, she just can't accept it. I felt bad for her friend (can't remember her name). Brenda really lashed out at her, and she didn't deserve it at all.

They are running the first season right now, but taping began for this next season back in September (I read that on the website). Earl told me that they are going to release this series on DVD, and I think this and The Simpsons are the only ones I really MUST HAVE for my DVD collection.
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