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Its official.............

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The only thing I can grow is cat grass in the house. Really I can not grow anything else inside or out. I have even killed catus plants before. How bad is that. So come pay day I am gonna buy this rectangular planter (smallish side) some organic potting soil, and some rye seeds, and maybe some catnip seeds if I can find some and grow them together in this pot. Hopefully they make it.

But for a funny vision. Last week when I talked to the feed/seed store owner about what kind of grass seeds he sales in bulk and the price. He tells me rye seeds year round and for 1$ per lb. I say ok I will be back on payday to get some. He says its a little late in the year to start those in the yard. I told him oh no I was growing them in the house. Ya'll you would not believe the perplexed look this old man gave me. Then I tried to explain that I had a cat and I was growing it inside for him. Well that didn't help at all.
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Wouldn't a pound be quite a bit of seed? You can keep extra unplanted seeds in the freezer to keep them from going bad.

Instead of "organic potting soil" you can use regular top soil, if there are no numbers on the bag it's sterile. Meaning no fertilizers. I usually mix up my own soil for plants from top soil, peat moss, and varying amounts of sand depending on the plant. This is mainly because I kept keeping bags of "potting soil" that had mites in them.

I recently grew some grass in an empty clear plastic tub that some wafers came in. I hate throwing some stuff out if I can reuse it and with the lid it sort of worked like a mini green house, sprouting the seeds very quickly. Too bad the grass is at the end of it's life since Tomas decided it was better to rub his face in and sit on than to munch.
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