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For all the Sopranos fans out there...did you LOVE last nights episode??

Now I am not a violent person by nature, but darn it that Ralphie got what he deserved! :laughing:

He was more obnoxious than Richie Aprile...and I didn't think that was possible! :laughing:

Go Tony Soprano!!!!
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OMG! That was mucho disturbing! I love the show, but have trouble with 'real life' violence. I just have trouble stomaching it personally. Especially when it's not over the top cartoonish. Sopranos pushes the envelope, which is why I like it so much.

I did like the poetic justice of Ralphie getting beat to death, after he beat to death that dancer from bada bing. That was the most disturbing sopranos ever, IMO. I was glad to see Ralphie go, I just would have preferred a nice, clean gunshot death

Watching the body disposal part, I just kept thinking 'does this stuff really happen?!?!?'
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I agree...the episode where Ralph killed that girl was very disturbing. Which is why I was glad he got "his" last night!

I don't want anyone to think that I enjoy, or even condone "real" violence, because I certainly do not. This is television...and great television I must add.

Now if I heard a story on the news like some of the things I have seen on the Sopranos, I would be completely sickened. Wonder how it could be then that I can watch that little wrinkle Ralph get his head bashed in and actually be CHEERING for Tony? Hmmm...
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I totally don't think you enjoy or condone violence! I just have an extremely weak constituion for that stuff personally. I can't even stand to watch boxing

At the same time, I like the show because they go so far. As uncomfortable as it was to watch, that storyline made it one of the most exciting episodes this season.

I had read they were killing off a major character this season...I wonder if this was it or if someone else will die?!?!

I bought the S/O seasons 1 & 2 last X-mas and I'll get him #3 this year. We had a blast last X-mas break watching episode after episode. (we had missed season 1 & 2)
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Oh, I'm SO jealous!

We haven't got the new series yet, it's going to start on cable soon, but I only have terrestrial so I'm going to have to wait AGES!!!!

Air Princess - I did the same last Christmas, borrowed my brother's Sopranos series and watched them all back-to-back.
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I just started watching this season, and don't know anyone who has the DVD sets, so I'm getting caught up on the characters as I go.

I have to agree, though, Ralphie deserved what he got. Maybe I read too many serial killer books, but I found it almost comical how they just talked about normal everyday stuff while disposing of a BODY! Like, oh yeah, normal everyday stuff.
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