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I know alot of you have wonderful hair and have a good eye about hairstyles and colours.

I want to change my look slightly but not drastically, although unless you have an idea or picture to show me ill greatly appreciate your thoughts!

If you think i dont need to change it, what hairstyles do you suggest then? Im quite sick of the leaving it out with sunglasses thing..

Here is a picture just for you to get an idea

If it helps your ideas i usually have very big light brown eyes
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Maybe get it trimmed a bit and add some nice layers to it You do have pretty hair though i'm sure whatever you try it will look cute!
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I agree, some layers and it's always nice to add some golden highlights for summer! Nothing too drastic!
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I actually have layers, its just my hair is so thin you can just stick it all behind the ears
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Adding bangs or long bangs makes a big difference for an easy change! I had medium length straight hair forever. A year or so ago I wanted a change and added long bangs. It really made a nice difference and made me look older!

I'll post a before and after pic so you can get an idea of what I mean.

Before (about 2 years ago).

With my bangs (August 2006)

And when they're a little longer b/t cuts. (Christmas this year)

I'm about ready for another change, and am thinking about getting more bangs cut straight across, like Reese Witherspoon's recent hairstyle (I'm not sure if I can post a pic of her here or not).
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I have no idea. My hair is literally 2" long! Maybe something shoulder or chin length?
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I think a blunt cut just above your shoulders would look nice. My mom has the same type of hair but her's is baby fine and thin and very soft . Your hair looks very healthy. With the blunt, shorter cut, it should give illusion of volume and some bounce. Please let us know what you decide to do. Although, even with a shaved head you would be beautiful
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Whatever you decide we want pictures!!
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If your hair is really thin- cut it shorter! Mine is thin, but it gets really great body when its short like I have it- chin length w/ lots of layers. But I'm not sure how short you wanna go!
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I think you'd look really, really cute with a layered razor cut.
like this one
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
I think you'd look really, really cute with a layered razor cut.
like this one

I was thinking something like that for you. If you go with some highlights, just go a shade or two lighter...don't do blonde. Once it grows out it looks weird.
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I would say just a nice little bob cut between the shoulders and ear lenght with some nice copper highlights.

Then again this is coming from someone who hasn't had time for a haircut in 8 or 9 months!
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you don't want hair advice from me hun, I have all the bad luck!! I can't do anything to my hair without it going wrong! I told you about my recent extensions, didn't I?!
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