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Albino cat

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Albino cat.
I previously submitted this item but have had no replies, is there anybody out there who has any information.

I am involved with a local rescue group in the UK and I have just picked up an albino kitten approx 7 weeks old. He is very sensitive to daylight.I have spoken with my vet and she has informed me that true Albino's are never fully white, they should have a tinge of yellowy/cream, which this one has. I will be keeping him due to his special needs as I have a large enclosure in the garden and can make sure he comes to no harm. I am struggling to find any information on albino cats, if anyone has any experience with albino's or has any knowledge on how long they live etc. as I have been told that they suffer more than normal cats, then can you please let me know.

Thanks Andycat
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Give this link a try

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I had already posted a reply to that link.
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Andycat, I really wish I had some advice, but I'm afraid I don't -not from personal experience.

Have you searched the internet - maybe look also under albino rabbits (I know these are quie common) as some of the health implications may be similar for a cat. Below are 2 links I found. They are quite scientific in their content and deal mainly with the incidence of deafness in albino cats.


Good luck with your search and if you find anything please come back and share it with us.
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Thanks for your reply Yola, I found those links very interesting and informative, but I still require any more information on health.
He has already had to go to the vets as he had a very high temp. and went off his food.
He is ok again now but has to go back soon as he has an umbilical hernia as well as both male and female genitalia, so his genes have been well mixed up.
He has already made friends with the 'Boss' Charlie, and is having huge fun playing with all of my other cats so I think no matter how long or short his life is, it is going to be full.
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You may want to post a message on "Fanciers Health" - it is a message board on Yahoo. It is mostly geared towards pedigreed cats, but your cat and his issues seem rather unique and they may be able to offer some assistance. The members are breeders, veterinarians and even feline geneticists. You will have to sign up to become a member, but it is free.


Hope this helps you,

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I do not know anything from experience, but all fare-skinned cats (animals) are prone to skin cancers; your albino cat should not stay under the sun.

Other than being an albino and hermafrodite, the cat might have a weak immune system or other diseases due to his genetic make-up, which might decrease his life span.

Good luck.
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The only thing I can add is to have the cats hearing tested. I have heard albinos are prone to being deaf.
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I just thought I would add this little tib bit. All albinos have lack of color all over including their eyes giving their eyes a red or pink look. If your kitten has red or pink eyes it is definitely an albino. If it has any other color to it's eyes wether slightly blue or any other color it is not full albino but could be part albino. I used to have an albino rabbit and it was very prone to sunburn and skin problems as are all albino creatures.

Sounds like you are taking excellent care of your kitten.

Good luck and hope he's feeling better soon.

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