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Was this bad?

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The group I am in is finishing up our project. One member in our group is from the Taiwan and his English, though better then last semester, is still a little broken. (he's the guy with the perm - remember?)

We have combined all of our portions of the paper together and are now editing it. I went through and did placed some changes in the document where people missed an "and" or an "or". His portion of course had broken English, so I went ahead and corrected the most obvious "They spent on functions..." and submitted with "They are spent on functions.." with a clause in there that "If this is not the correct way the sentence is, feel free to change".

One other member of our group (who actually belittled this guys paper and called it an obvious 'cut and paste' when he wasn't around) delete the corrections like the example above that I had made.

OK to me we are being graded as a group, not as individuals who contributed to a paper. I was in a group with this guy last semester and his paper was much better, but we suspect that the group leader had more input on his paper and may have even turned it in for him. We don't know for sure.

If I was bad in doing this, just let me know. I have always done this in other groups but no one ever uncorrected me. They actually thanked me for their help.
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I don't think it was long as you were only correcting grammatical errors and not changing the content of his work.
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If you are indeed being graded as a group vs. an individual basis for the contribution each person made to the paper, then you did the right thing. It should be everyone in the group's responsibility to read the paper and edit it where necessary. As a former editor and journalist, I stress the importance of proofing the document with many sets of "fresh" eyes. The person who deleted your constructive comments is in the wrong. If the comments you made did not pertain to his portion of the work, he should have left them in the draft so the appropriate person could do the final review.
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No I didn't restructure sentences or anything...simply added words that were left out like in the example I gave above.

I was just a little surprised to see my changes get deleted and thought "Is this not kosher?".

Yes, we are in the stage where we have merged our documents together and we are editing the entire document as a whole.

Oh well...maybe someone else will correct it.
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I agree with Sadie's Mom. You're being graded as a whole and if his portion is bad it could lose you marks.

But the most important thing is, how's his hair these days?
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that is so not wrong. i would have asked the dude before correcting it but i probably would have done the same thing. and the other person should have let it be.
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I don't think how you corrected it was wrong since you did not change the content of his part. Once you start doing that, you are crossing a line. I also think you should let the person know, otherwise, how will they learn from their mistakes?
Since it is a group project I would try to correct it as much as possible without changing content. Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
But the most important thing is, how's his hair these days?
Very curly!

Well I emailed her and innocently asked what happened to my changes. Turns out it was an error, something happened on her end, she thought everything was saved (including her & my updates). She did apologize too.

So tonight I combined everyone's paper (we had 3 different versions going) and uploaded them. So hopefully its pretty good to go

Thanks for the reassurance guys! You're the bestest!
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Sounds to me that the guy that changed your corrections is trying to make the other guy look bad, since he's already commented on his writing when he wasn't around. Which doesn't make any sense, if you are working as a group and getting the same grade for one paper. But, some people have strange vendettas. Will you have a chance to correct it again, or does it go from one member to another? You may want to talk with the other members of your group and make sure it is corrected again. I would hate to see you all get a bad grade just because one person is stupid (meaning the one that changed your corrections, not the other one).
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Sorry...didn't read the last post. Disregard everything I just said !

Glad to hear it all worked out!
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I'm just putting this in 4 fun 2 c if it would transfer this from last 2 first!
Cool... it worked!!!
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