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moving from kitten to regular adult food - some diarrhea problems

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my girl is 1 year now ..

for the last 8 months she has been on Nutro Kitten ( with a little breakfast wet - some friskies that she loves .. she just gets a little in the morning .. and thats it .. rest is all dry )

her stool/ movements have been normal ----

the last 2 weeks I started to slowly shift over to ADULT CC NUTRU - OCEAN FISH FLAVOR ...

first starting a 25 percent ADULT . / 75 percent KITTEN .. everything seems to stay normal .. .no problems

about a week after .. went 50 / 50 ....

she seems to have some Diahrrhea now ... a couple times when i was actually around when she was going - I saw a normal stool and then at the very end a little Diarrhea ... this seemed to happen a couple times .. yesterday it was about all diahrehea ....

she is acting normal .. still eating the same amount ..

is this just her trying to get converted ? ..
should i scale back on the adult food or just keep going ....

she is going in for a 1 year checkup on monday .. but i think everything is fine --- does this sound just common food issues ... switching over ?
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It might be that you need to try a different type of Nutro adult. My Ginger wasn't able to tolerate the chicken flavor (threw up,) but was ok with the oceanfish.
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Common No does it happen YES.... Try the reg adult
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ok ... will keep a close eye on things

i was under the impression it was very common for this to happen at times

the thing that made me wonder was the half normal stool and a little of diarrhea
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you added a meat ... see the kitten is just chicken ... but all the adult s are chicken with another meat ...

reg chicken with herring

oceanfish chicken with oceanfish

lamb chicken with lamb
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I happened to be in the bathroom tonight when she was in the litter box ...

she went tonight .. and 80 percent of the stool was normal .. until the very end which was soft like diarrahea -

the normal part was one color .. while the diarrahea part was a totally differnt color ...

she seems fine though ... running around playing / eating the same

but that 20 percent .. boy does it stink ! .. LOL

should i keep mixing the food ( kitten and Adult ) or should i just go full blast with the new food .. we have been mixing for the last 2 weeks ......

i was tempted to go back to FULL kitten .. just to see if the diarrahea would clear up .. i would then know for sure ....

thoughts ?
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try full kitten again and if normal :_)
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i was thinking the same thing ....

if it does go back to normal .. then what .. LOL .. kitten for life . !!!! .. i dont think that is possible is it
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Originally Posted by sanboy View Post
i was thinking the same thing ....

if it does go back to normal .. then what .. LOL .. kitten for life . !!!! .. i dont think that is possible is it
Zoey is three and do to her catness eats the Kitten ... vet said it looked okay but wanted her off by senior yrs.... I like the extra fat and protein
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I think this can be a common problem when switching to a new food. once she was okay at the 25/75 mix I would not fall back to the old food. When you moved to the 50/50 how long did you give her to adjust? Did you try to make the progressive jumps smaller?
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well i was going to ease her slowly

we did 25 - 75 ( kitten ) - for about 4 days ..

then started to do 50 - 50 - and thats when i started to notice
then after another 4 or 5 days i really started to notice

so i then backed off and went back ( currently ) to 75 percent kitten and 25 percent adult

and the stool right now is so .. she seems to have some normal and then alittle diarrahea which is a totally different color .. ishe is acting the same though .. still playing .. still easting the same .. i think she might be a little consispated .. seemed to be stiring around the litter box a more before going ... but all in all no change of activity or attitude

i was only thinking about backing off to kitten again .. just to see if it would clear the problem up totally .. my thinking was that if it cleared up totally after a couple days of full kitten or 75 ( kitten ) 25 kitten - all signs woudl point to the switch ..

maybe i should have just stayed with 50 / 50 . or moved on to full adult and see what happened
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I would stick with 25 adult/ 75 kitten, for a longer period of time. Stretch out the switch more...I don't think the usual recommendation of a week is necessarily enough to go from one to another.
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currently i am doing the 25/ 75 and will continue for a the next couple days

she is going in on MONDAY for her 1 year check up .. anyways ... hasnt gone to the bathroom yet today ( stool ) - maybe a little constipated ..
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My cat just turned a year and I think he's just sensitive to changes in foods. Even changing from canned KMR to powdered made him feel lousy and there's not supposed to be any difference in the formula's I believe. It's taken me 4 different dry foods to find one he tolerated well in moving off of kitten food.

I went back to kitten food each time to make sure it was really the food--when I finally found the food he's tolerating well there have been no problems at all. We finally landed on Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Adult.

And my mom's cat who likes variety is going to be the beneficiary of a lot of rejected foods courtesy of mine.
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