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My spoiled brat. LOL She never stands still so this is the only pic I was able to get of her. (And Willie and Jewels back end. LOL)

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A puppy not holding still!?!? *GASP* What a dolly!
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What a little sweetie pie. I envy people who have baby animals - I just love them. I wish I could adopt a new furry baby - cat or dog!
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Oh my God, I'm in love. All of those pups are just too cute for words.
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Originally Posted by ChrissyR View Post
look at that precious pup the thing that made me smile was those two back legs sprawled out at the back by the kennel
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what gorgeous little puppies-they are so cute and so hansome
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Oh my!! What doll babys!! They are soooo precious.
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Great pictures they are adorable!
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Your puppies are so cute! I want one!
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O Porkchop u are just such a cutie

I just love all ur puppies they are just too cute
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