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I have a myspace but I am not on it a whole lot.
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I have a myspace! I have it set to private so that way no one I dont know can view my page... It avoids me being seen in searches and avoids bots! Im starting to find myspace as a joke! Sure you catch up with some old friends of the past but eventually the connection fades and little is left to talk about (in my experience with people I went to school with)! My bf calls it the fake life... LOL even though he has one too! The only person on my myspace friends from TCS is Reeses PBC at the moment! If anyone wants to join pm me... I like my TCS friends better than those from my past... Thats kind of sad but true!
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I have a Myspace account, but never use it. I'm a LiveJournal and Catster girl, myself!
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I would love to add more people/friends so please PM me if you want my link!!
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I have account but don't use it that much. I have comments off too. Some people just don't know when to stop posting pictures.

Oddly enough I have two people I really don't like on my list that I talk to. One is from HS & we haven't talked since the fist fight she denies. The other is DH's friend....long story but she used to be my best friend.
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I haven't got Myspace I just have MSN but it does sound cool!

And of course I get to chat with all my kitty loving friends here on TCS!

TCS Rulez!!!!
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I have a myspace account, but don't do much on it anymore. But it's been great for finding long lost friends and cousins that I haven't talked to in years.
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I have an account but not for myself. My siblings and I have accounts to keep an eye on my nephews and neices accounts. The four who have them are ages 12-17. This way, we can all keep track of who their friends are. I have a couple of friends on there but don't really use the space for anything.
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