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Here's our special girl. You can her back legs in the first pic. The way she's stretched out is the way her legs are when she's relaxed. (We built them an enclosure over the weekend. They've been loving it!)

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Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!!
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She's adorable, isn't she? We've been secretly calling her clown and dopey. LOL She runs around with that huge puppy smile all the time.
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Isn't it amazing just how outgoing/friendly/loving the "special" ones are?
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ha, theres those legs all stretched out again - I think its so funny when pets to that - I bet you have hours of fun with those treasures
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Shes certainly special. Her eyes are beautiful!!
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Aww nice pics she is adorable!
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She's so pretty!
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So stunning, and those eyes SOOO GORGEOUS
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oh wow she is absolutely gorgeous-how do you get anything done.I would just spend time looking at her-gorgeous puppy face
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Jewel is definately a jewel!
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what a cutie pie!!!!
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