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Its all too much!

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I can tell the next 2 months are gonna be Horrible
I have a saturday job and I felt like quitting last week. My boss gave me a Huge stack of books to delete, then went away from his desk to drink tea and chat to the book group. By the time he came back there was a big queue of people who were pretty annoyed at having to wait for so long, and the only reason there weren't more was because a colleague left His desk to go and help them. I couldn't do anything since I'm nowhere near trained enough to deal with the kind of things they usually want. And what really irritated me was when he came back he asked me why I hadn't deleted more books!? I snapped and told him that I had had customers to deal with, things to chase up and we have a new guy who I'm showing the ropes, so I did the most I could, while he had abandoned his desk for a cuppa.
I don't think I've ever seen him look so taken aback. Is some recognition that you are a person, not a drone willing to work overtime at the drop of a hat too much to ask for a saturday job?
And in French this morning my teacher drove me up the wall! She always says everything in French so s l o w l y, as if after 7 years of learning we still haven't picked up the basics. We had to say the french election results and she wrote them up on the board (which was a bit of a waste of time as it was what we did for an hour yesterday) and although the results vary slightly from source to source if we were so much as 0.5% away from what she had then she'd say 'No.... thats not right, its not what I have here'. And she had to ask when our exams/mocks were, even though she's head of languages. Plus she blames our other (excellent) french teacher if anything isn't Exactly to her liking.
And I have HUGE amounts of A-level exams. What posessed me to take 4
A-levels I will never know. I'm slowly but surely failing further maths, I don't need it to go to the Uni of my choice, but I'm not allowed to drop it. My 18th birthday also falls on my least favourite Further maths exam- Mechanics 2.
A long and winding rant, but i've been beyond stressed recently and recently its really been getting to me.
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Yikes! It sounds like you are in for a rough time. Have you thought of introducing your teacher to your boss? Maybe they will fall in love, become happy and being happier people be nicer to you.
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Good luck - it is a very stressful time, I remember from my own experience and that of my daughter how awful A levels were. My only comment is, are you sure that it is a good thing to have a Saturday job right now, especially a stressful one? Maybe if you had a bit more time and less worry, you would be able to get through the further maths. It is a difficult exam, my daughter took it and hated the Mechanics part too. But she persevered and is now a Maths teacher and loves her job. (I failed maths A level LOL)
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and vibes to you. I do not miss the stress and aggravation of school and work -- at the same time! gaaahhh! -- one bit.
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Thanks for the encouragement. If I could I'd quit, and I'm taking all my leave when the exams start, but my boss requires about 3months notice to quit or he gets really argumentative. I think I'll leave in Summer.
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