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Quick work rant

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I've been feeling mildly guilty despite 2 years of social torture here where I work. I have an interview on Thursday (doing what I'm currently earning my masters for).

I was actually feeling slightly guilty up until 10 minutes ago. The shipping boys were loading some supplies up onto a rafter (that is also someone's workspace). The owners son saw that one of the boys nearly fell reaching over the railing and went to 2 other managers to find out what the company needs to do to make sure that no one falls.

One of the managers says "They're not suppose to be putting the stuff up there in the first place. It looks like [crap]"
The second manager agreed.

So after 5 minutes of them squabbling, the O.S goes over to the 2 shipping boys and says "You 2 need to stop doing that right now. It's too dangerous, blah blah blah blah".

Then since I happen to be working on a computer in that area, he comes over to me and says "Sometimes you just need to assert yourself and make it very clear to employees what is dangerous and what is not. You need to make them understand."

Ummm... at what point does this involve me????

Its this stupid crap that irritates me.
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Why do managers have to justify their idiotic statements? That's like asking why a bird flies or a cat purrs, somethings just are. Probably he said something to you to cover his butt if/when someone does get hurt in the future under his watch, "but I told them not to do it...."

Anyway, go rock your interview!!!! Good luck!
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The O.S. is like that though. He's always got to "remind" me of his assertion, like I'm suppose to constantly be "You're so amazing! I wish I could be a manager like you somedays".

He was like that when we had our phone upgraded. He introduced himself as said that he's the guy that signs off on the checks to pay for it. Ummm...he didn't. I handed the checks over to the 2 people that signed them and he wasn't one of them.
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