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Hello Everyone

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Hi...My name is Tyler and Im here to get some insight for my baby boys Hercules and Bubba. Ive been a cat lover since I was born and havent been able to go more than a month with out having a furry feline in my house. Even my daughters are taking after this love of mine. Ive got a yr old black, caramel tabby named Hercules who is just the most loving cat Ive ever had in my life. I dont think theres a mean bone in his body...Unless you count towards our basset Bruno...LOL..Those two fight like cats and dogs but only because Bruno likes to sit on top of Herc while hes sleeping. We have recently brought home a 7 wk old kitten that is Hercules son through my moms cat Pickle Kitty. His name is Bubba Jr and hes a very light orange tabby. We are trying to continue our original Bubba legacy since Hercule is also Bubba Sr's son. Unforunatly Big Bubba passed away during the summer of last yr. This was a very hard time for my family, my fiance was not a cat person until we got Bubba and his death affected Dave to the point where he was not going to have another cat. But Hercules made it all better and for Daves birthday I got him Bubba Jr. He may not be the same grey that B.B. was but hes got the same markings has started to fill a void that was missing in his heart. I cant wait to find my way around here and get started....Have a great day everyone!!!!

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hello and welcome to TCs , i think this might be moved to the new cats on the block lounge so if it disserpears on you have a look there. hope to see you posting lots soon.
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Welcome to TCS! My name is Nikki- good to have you here!
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I think you'll find the term for your handsome Hercules is "grey tabby" - I have a grey tabby as well (she's in my signature).

I'm confused about the kitties... So Pickle Kitty and Bubba Snr had a litter including Hercules, and now Pickle Kitty and Hercules have had a litter including Bubba Jnr??
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Hey there Tyler....nice to meet you, and your family My name is Monica.

A big WELCOME to TCS!!
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Welcome to TCS. I will tell you that we STRONGLY urge people to neuter/spay - unless you are a serious breeder (who shows/breeds limited kittens and neuter/spays pets).

Sounds like you need to be doing a little neutering/spaying. Its NOT a good thing for inbreeding cats - which from your post, you are doing. Your cats will be much happier and healthier if done very soon (before you have more kittens).

One reason you might be having the fighting problems is because Hercules is NOT neutered.

BTW "grey tabby" is a BLUE tabby. "orange" is RED tabby
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