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New member...But cute pics..

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Hi everyone...I just found this forum after having joined dailydrool to get info about my basset hound I decided to find one for my puttertats...And here I am...I hope this works since my photobucket has been a lil goofy but here we go...

*That would be my sexy boy Hercules. He will be a year old May 19th...And he is just the snuggliest most loving cat..*

Another one of my Hercules...

Another of Hercules with Bruno...This is one of their rare civil moments...While I get to play mediator!!!

And finally our newest member...Bubba Jr. He is 7wks old on Thurs. And is one of four sons between Hercules and my moms cat Pickle Kitty. So far him and Herc are getting along famously but Im a little anxious to see how two males do together once Bubba matures....

Tyler, Herc and Bubba
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I see Hercules just killed a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

Aren't all your animals adorable! I'm jealous of Bubba I want a kitten again *sign* And welcome to TCS!
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Bubba is adorable! He has the same colouring as my Phoebe!

Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS!! Hercules is gorgeous!!!!!! And Bubba is a cutie as well I assume Hercules and your mum's cat will be spay and neutered soon? Cute as kittens are, they ARE a handful!!!!
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My mom is waiting till the other three kittens go to their homes before getting Pickles spayed. Pickles was a gift from me to her because she fell in love with her, and Pickles used to cry after my mom moved out. Little did I know she was pregnant when I gave her to my mom. We didnt even have a clue she was in heat, she never gave us any indication. But there is a friend of mine in Baltimore who wants to breed her cat and mine....So until that happens Herc is going to be the big man on campus because Bruno and Bubba will become Nudie-Boys....Sorry cheezy family nickname for cats that are neutered...Im thanking God right now that Hercules feels no need to spray...I think its because he was the first boy in the house and has always been number one mama's boy...Hence my choice of screen names...LOL...

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Very cute little furbabies you have!!!
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Your babies are so cute

Welcome to TCS!
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Both cats are adorable, and Bubba looks like he needs a smoshie kiss and cuddle. I just love kittens!!!!!
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awe what a bunch of cuties u have there
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Your Furkids are adorable!
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He is beautiful!
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