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The best bath I ever had!

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This starts as a rant - against the previous owner and part 'renovator' of my house. Everything he touched he did wrong, and it is much easier to do things from scratch than try and undo mistakes. This includes the central heating system, which has not been working properly all winter. Apart from that, it has been burning fuel at a rate which should heat the whole of northern France. When I tried to switch it on again after my Easter trip to the UK it simply refused to function, and I have been 10 days without hot water. Fortunately the weather has been so hot I have not needed heating. I kept leaving messages for my plumber but he couldn't come till today. I have been washing in cold water but it is impossible to keep things like floors clean without hot. Thank goodness for dishwashers. Today the plumber decided that he had to clean out the boiler completely, and you have never seen so much soot and gunge. He said it has probably never been serviced in ten years. When he left, with lovely hot water coming out of the taps, I had a long shower to clean myself , a bath to relax, then had to clean the deposits of greasy soot that had gathered on all the shelves and surfaces in the hall. But I have never enjoyed a bath so much! I'm going to take another one tonight, full of the smelliest lotions I can find.
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Nice clean Jenny
Is'nt it amazing how we take hot water coming out of a tap for granted, I remember at my Grandmother's having a bath in a tin bath in front of the fire.
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Hot water is always a good thing.

I know you have to be glad to be getting all this renovation behind you, Jenny. Its sure been a long process, but I bet the place looks GREAT!
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i'm glad it was finally fixed so you could take a nice hot bath!!! i bet you were really enjoying that!
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So glad you got it fixed finally! Nothing quite like a nice hot soak in the tub
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I was out of hot water this past weekend and while I could go to my Mom's to take a shower, I was so glad when I could take one in my own bathroom! Enjoy your second bath!!
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Glad to hear you got that straightened out. I bet the second bath was also fantastic.
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Oh Jenny that bath sounded so good!!!! What a pain that's been for you though, which shows it pays to get your heating and hot water system serviced once a year.

For your 2nd bath this evening Jenny get a good book or magazine, light some candles if you have them and take a large, note LARGE glass of wine in with you
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I don't know what was better - two baths and a shower in the same day, all with HOT water, or getting the hall and kitchen floors clean! But it was not all good - I moved a bookcase in the hall, that had been sitting there for a year, since I moved in, and there was a huge black patch of mould behind it, coming from the showers in the old bathroom that I don't use any more. I intend to convert that room into a guest bedroom by moving a wall and knocking down the (two!) showers that are in there. But I was going to leave that project till everything else is finished - now it looks as if I will have to get someone to investigate it at least. Why can't things happen as they are supposed to?
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Oh never!!! I hope someone can sort it out soon for you Jenny
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It seems when one thing it fixed another problem pops up. I remember when we had plumbing problems several yrs ago-we took "showers" by using the garden hose hooked up to the faucet in the garage. It was nice when that was fixed and Neil's godson is a plumber now in case we have problems!
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Is'nt it amazing how we take hot water coming out of a tap for granted, I remember at my Grandmother's having a bath in a tin bath in front of the fire.
How old ARE you?!?!? It sounds like you're stepping straight out of the 1800's!

It always amazes me how spoiled I am, and that something so simple as hot, running water is actually a luxury I take completely for granted. You're making me want a nice bath now!
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I'm a bath addict. Especially the really hot ones in deep Japanese style tubs. You get kinda high afterwards, feels great on hot sticky humid days.
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