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crying behavior opinions

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We adopted a neutered male cat 6 weeks ago that appears to be very lonely. He cries a great deal. In some sense I think he might just be a “talkative†cat (like when I open the refrigerator)! But there are other times when he just walks around and yowls and sounds so pitiful. He also tends to follow us around constantly when we are home (we both work full time). I thought this behavior would have lessened by now. He was used to being around other cats before we adopted him. He is currently 11 months old and appears to be in good health. I have typically been allergic to cats in the past, but for some reason seem to be able to tolerate this cat, so getting another cat for company isn’t really an option. My question is this: is it likely he will outgrow this behavior and adapt to being an only cat?

We are faced with a dilemma: there is another person who really wants to adopt the cat that I think has another cat in the household. After 6 weeks, we are really attached to the cat, but would be willing to give him up if the other household would ultimately be a better environment for him. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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If you are tolerating the cat allergy-wise, why would another not be an option? I was SOOO allergic to cats growing up, but in my early 20's suddenly discovered it no longer was true, and I've had cats ever since (never mind how many decades!). If there is another cat at your friend's house and it's not e.g. either an old female (who young males like to attack routinely), or an otherwise difficult one, maybe you should explore that, because in my gazillion cat experience, that crying is all about needing another cat around, and doesn't stop until it happens... and then it stops in an instant!
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It is so worrying when cats cry, for what seems nothing at all

You mention he is in good health, have you had a vet check him over, sometimes there can be things wrong that we cannot see, so he may need some blood tests - just a thought - your vet will advise you.

It seems you are really enjoying having your kitty around and it would be a shame to let him go before you explore some other angles

Good luck and keep us posted !
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The breeder we got our cat from said he was talkative but I had no idea! We got him and he likes to meow when feelings alone(wich is alot) he likes to meow when your talking and when hes not getting what he wants and untill a little bit after he got fixed he use to like to meow at the door constantly.I at first thought he was lonely and tested him being in an enviroment with another cat...Turns out he hates other cats lol.He just really loves humans and wants to feel involved and just generally likes to "talk".He is four years old now and hes settled down some but not alot.It might be the same for yours it might not but it seems some catss just really like to talk I think it makes them feel involved
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