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Got Milk!

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It's hard to tell with Molly's white fur but she has milk on her chin.

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and so she lifts her chin so you can get a better look! awww Molly you pretty girl!!!
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She had more on her but she wiped some off before I could get her to look up. I had to post anyway cause I keep forgetting about her pictures.
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Molly we need to get you a bib!
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aww, Molly is such a sweetie - Dino always gets milk dribbles
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She's busted!! That's too cute!
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Funny, the milk is clearer in the first pic compared to the second She's got an adorable little chin though...I could just kiss it
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awe that is too cute, and such a cutie
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So pretty! I love her little white flame going up her face
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