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Baby lion?!

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Who's that?

Ahhh that's where the feather duster went!

The first two are blurry b/c he was on the move. DH thought I photoshopped a mane on Benson.
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haha, that's too sweet! That duster is bigger than he is and he's dragging it all over! He probably thought he caught a really big bird!
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aww, so funny, we have a feather duster and the cats love to attack it all the time. I cant use the darn thing cos they attack it when I try to clean
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That is awesome!
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hmmm, I didn't know lions were black?! welp, you learn sumthin' new every day!
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It was so hard not to laugh and scare him off. We did a show for DH when he got home. Poor guy can barely walk with that stick up his....which is why the pictures are blurry. He was wobbling every which way.
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aww, Louie will run through the house with his wands & fishing poles dragging!
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that is just tooo cute, and such a cutie
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Those are hilarious!!!
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