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A seriously idiot proof digital camera for seriously camera and photographically challenged person...namely... ME!

Any suggestions???
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I have no idea on a recommendation, but I hope someone does. I want more Stevie pics!
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My camera is a Fuji FinePix A400 and it is very simple to use. It's pretty much auto-everything but does have manual settings if I want to use those.
The thing that you have to remember is there are many styles and several price ranges. You don't need the most expensive, but don't go for the cheapest either or you'll be disappointed by the quality. Something in the 4-6 mega pixels range with a X3-5 zoom is good, and usually not to complicated to use. I suggest you get it somewhere where they will actually take the time to run throw the operation with you and keep the instructions handy they are very helpful.
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mine is idiot prrof-its a sony cybershot 5.1 mega pixels.
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The Canon powershot A430 is pretty easy to use. I would have loved to get a manual camera that are harder to use, but unfortunately those cost a lot of money. Mine was $200 cdn but I have seen it now about 6 months later for $139 cdn.
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Well .... I think either a canon or a sony then...

any more ideas...please?
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For me, cibershoot of 3.5 mega pixels and I´m happy with it!....
furthermore, is more cheap that last technology on the market!
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I love our Kodak Easyshare. We haave an older one that is just a 4.0 megapixals, but it is very easy to use and the new ones don't look much different. And that is coming from someone who is technology challenged. I can't even figure out how to access my voice mail at work!
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I've had good experience with the HP Photosmart line, currently using the 735. It's only 3.2 megapixels, but I really can't justify spending money to replace it, because it's doing what I need. However, my experience with them is such that HP is the first thing I'd look at when the time comes. I'd probably also look at Canon, based on my brother's experience.
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
I love our Kodak Easyshare.
I have to second the Kodak. My mother has a kodak easyshare and when I bought my camera last year the sales guy told me kodak is the easiest to use. But I wanted something different then my mom so I got panasonic. I like my mothers better. Mine is nice but to much stuff on it I will never use. I take all my pictures in the easy mode.
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I just ordered a fuji that appears to be idiot proof - al least on QVC it looked that way - 7.1 pixels, 3x zoom and I think it even had auto flash! This is the item decription:
Picture this--a 7.3 megapixel digital camera capable of delivering 18.9X total zoom and equipped with a large 2.4" diagonal TFT LCD display, yet still compact enough to fit in your pocket. The A700 delivers, blending portability and functionality in a sleek package. From Fuji.
I'll let you know if I can understand the directions - for me that would be a great start!
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I haven't owned a camera in more than 20 years and recently bought a Kodak Easyshare Digital one. It's basically point and click. It has a zoom lens with auto focus and you can even use it to record videos.

The camera comes with a basic memory card that allows you to take 5 or 7 pictures (huge pictures!) However, you can also easily crop them with a touch of a button to reduce the size of the background so you can take more. You can also purchase larger memory cards.

So far as transferring the pictures to your computer...once you have the EasyShare software installed, you can set it up so that once you plugin the camera the pictures transfer to your computer and are deleted from the camera all automatically.

The camera was only $49.00 USD.
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