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Boo's babies are arriving

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Well if you caught my other thread Boo kept me up all night last night, Well I knew something was happening....she needed constant company and had refused her breakfast and supper last night. I just got back from school run and there was a beautiful black and white baby waiting for me. She has just had baby number 2 who is red. oooo Im so excited. She is doing a wonderful job
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well baby number 3 is here.

Number 1 is black with white patches......2 is red and 3 is white with black patches. She is doing a grand job of cleaning them up and sorting them out.
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Bless her. I look forward to seeing pics.
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Number 4 is here and is another red.

Boo is coping really well. They are so tiny and cute.

I will post pics as soon as she is finished
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Congrats!!! 4 babies so far...thats lovely! Any indication as to whether there are more to come?

Cant wait to see pics! Well done Boo!
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I think she may not be quite finished yet but she is resting now and all 4 babies are nursing.

Will just keep an eye on her for a while.

Im so proud of her. She has done a great job.....All I had to do was sit and watch
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Congratulations on the new arrivals!
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Well here they are making their big debut on TCS

Im sure Boo is all done. She had 4 lovely babies. I have just changed her bedding and they are all now cosy and snuggled into momma suckling away like mad. She did a wonderful job. Im so proud.

So now for the pics.....

Im sure they will be the first of many pics i will be bombarding you with as my babies grow...LOL
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aww there lovely , thank you for sharing and im glad everything went well
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So glad all went well with the delivery! Very cute kittens and mama is so pretty.
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Gorgeous mum and babies

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Congratz Im so happy the babies are doing great and mom looks content. Wish my girl had a little red baby. I love red Tabbies.
The babys are very pretty
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Aww, they are just gorgeous!!! Keep the pics coming!!
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My Heart is melting,Mommy and babies are gerogous!

Good Job Boo!
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They are all beautiful!
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Cow kittens!!! And their momma is boo-tiful.
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aww I'm just catching up on all the 'momas in waiting' and come to this wonderful news

and look at those precious babies, they are so cute what little treasures they are
Sounds like moma is doing well and keeping them all happy & fed, give her some special chin rubs from us

Keep us posted and of course, more photos
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Gorgeous little babies! I love the cow babies!

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They are cute and very clean for being just born Way to go BOO> she is a great mom. The babies are cute.
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