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Me, chubby?

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My sister just sent me a photo of Maunzi, my mom's cat... as you'll recall, she wasn't very happy to have me sleeping in "her" room during spring break! Here she is, looking beautiful and juuust a bit chubby!

Apparently, she wasn't very interested in posing for my sister
Maunzi: "I can't believe I agreed to this stupid photo shoot! I'm too beautiful for such plebian activities!"
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Oh boy, she sure doesn't look too happy!! Thanks for sharing
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Awwwwwwwwww look at that face. That's what you get for sleeping in her bed
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I'd have liked to get a chance to let her warm up to me... just sit in a neutral room with her and ignore her for a while, "accidentally" dropping chicken scraps near her hiding place. That method works for most cats, and I think it would've worked for Maunzi. But I guess our relationship was kinda doomed from the start, what with the bednapping and all.
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Chubby? Who you calling chubby?
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Chubby!!?? How dare you call her chubby!! And she doesnt look the slighest bit pleased.....
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