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more pictures:D

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Saphiras Striped little boy the smallest kitten

The biggest kitten a striped girl

My favorite kitten(hopefully the one we keep) Tri color girl!

They are all doing so good! She is such a wonderful mom and so proud of her kittens
I feel like a new mom I think Ive already taken like 100 pictures and Im going to be taking
and posting new pix every two days
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oh they are truly beautiful.

And dont stop the pics......I just love looking at all the new arrivals.
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I know how you feel about being proud of your girl and you feeling that you are a new mum yourself! The kittens are all lovely....especially the girl you are thinking of keeping. Any names yet?
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we havent decided on any yet ...kind of watching to see what they name themselves
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Absolutely adorable! We love pics, so please post more!
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so cute lookk at the new baby
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