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Stumpy being very cute!

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Don't you hate when you're so tired, you just fall asleep right where you were sitting?

Hanging out in the washing basket IN daddy's rollerblade bag

And snoozing - it's a tough life!

She was rolling around in the sun this morning showing off her new soft claws - the blue ones are new, the pink ones are the old ones

Ohhhh that's a good patch of sun!

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Look at that baby designer nails and all
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Awww Look how absolutely adorable she is!!
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Ohh Stumpy...beautiful as ever
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AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww!! Is there any other way to say it?!
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How cute! I love the multi color claws
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Well, she deserves her beauty sleep! I love those little kiity kat toes! She must, too!
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she is so pretty Sarah! I love the fluffy tufts of fur on her belly! And it's so cute how she uses her leg as a pillow....LuckyGirl does that all the time!
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She is beautiful and looks very happy, especially in the sunny spot!

*awaits a thread for Lily pictures*
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She IS a cutie alright!
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Awww, she's such a cutie!!
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How adorable!!
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O Stumpy u are just sooo adorable and such a cutie pie, those pics are great !!! What a cutie pie
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