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Monday's DT

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Good day all! I hope that everyone has taken a minute to remember the veterans that have fought for our freedoms.

I have today off work and I am not doing much - just house work and playing with the kitties. We bought them some cat nip bubbles yesterday and they don't know what to make of them. It is funny watching them run away from a bubble!

I hope everyone has a good day!
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boy am I tired. Couldn't get to sleep last night, and had to force myself to get up at a reasonable hour- kind of got off schedule being unemployed. I've been up for little more than 10 minutes at this point so I'm a bit foggy and grumpy.

Hopefully I can get to the gym today... although at this point it's not sounding like much fun... but I'm making overnight caramel rolls, and need to work off those calories!

Not doing much today though, going to make ANOTHER cat bed (this is #3) for my furbabies... and had an idea. I'd like to try making cat beds to sell for the holiday season. I have no idea how much to charge or how to sell them though. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Hello everyone! What a cold, but beautiful Monday we're having here! We've got a nice blanket of new snow covering everything, and it's SO pretty!

I put my flag out first thing this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see a few of the neighbors had put theirs out also.

I was on vacation almost all of last week, and I used that time to clean the house really good, do some Christmas shopping (I never DID make it to Denver!), and catch up on my studying. the S/O was out of town, so it was just me and Spawn, the dog, and the guinea pigs. I love my alone time! But I'm glad it's over.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Well, the car broke down while driving it yesterday, so we spent almost the entire day waiting for a tow, then waiting for a cab, etc. We are now carless, so we can't get Booger to the Vet, so she won't have her health certificate. There ARE no local taxi's around here, the park office is closed and no neighbors around, so there's no one to bum a ride from.

Munchkin still has blood in her stool and LIVE ringworms, so the medicine doesn't seem to be working. We called the Vet who said to give her another pill Friday instead of three weeks from now, and if there's still blood in her stool tomorrow, we have to take her then.

I'm late with a budget proposal...

And that's my day!

Hope yours is better!

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:flower: Hi everybody!!! :flower:

Too bad for me, I have to work today. Oh well, I'm not doing much of anything anyways. Its been really slow here today and I'm SO BORED. But, I guess I shouldn't be complaining anyways, since some of you probably have a lot of work to do.

Ady-I bought some catnip bubbles a few weeks ago and my cats don't know what to make of them either. :laughing: They look at them strangely and they back away from them if one comes too close for their liking. :LOL: I think they're scared of the bubbles! :LOL:

Myste-The cat beds sound like such a great idea! As for the cost, I'm not sure either. But just figure how much the materials cost and how much time you spend making it. You could also see how much they are selling for at PetCo or PetsMart and then price your accordingly. Good luck!!
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Jin & Spawn-It sounds like you had a busy week last week. At least you got a vacation! I'm jealous! I need a vacation soon.

Laurie-I'm sorry to hear that your car broke down. That must put a damper on things and be SO annoying. Poor kitties. Hopefully Booger will get her health certificate and Munchkin will get better soon.

Keep us updated with Munchkin's condition.
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Munchie and Lazlo are scared of the bubbles, but Shelly LOVES them. He chases after them and can't figure out where they go!

...and we put a flag up today too! The three "neighbors" we have around here did too, which was nice to see.
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Oh girl I can't even imagine the frustration and worry you're going through with Munchkin. Does that vet have any idea why this is happening? Is munchkin in pain?

One of my good friends is getting a kitty from the vet, that lives above him (he lives in the basement) and apparently he's getting it for free and all vet checks and stuff will be free and all food and EVERYTHING will be free. I think perhaps he's heard more than what she told him because why would this veterinarian care for and feed this cat and have my friend own it? It doesn't make any sense to me. And plus, he's never owned a cat before and doesn't know much about them. Oh, he knows what we've done to care of our kitties but any advice I try to give to him he takes it as an insult that I'm telling him something that he should already know, so rather than taking the information, he says "yeah, I know" . So I've stopped giving him advice because he already knows everything there needs to be known and that's all there is to it. I really hope that after a year he's not going to be bored of it and try to get rid of it. He doesn't seem like the guy, actually he's quite sensitive and loving and he truly seems smitten with this sick little kitty who's not old enough to be adopted yet. So maybe I'm just frustrated that he won't take any advice. I hate men like that! It's just like men to not stop and ask for directions :tounge2:.
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Miste, This sleeplessness must be contagious. I lay awake from 11:20 until 3:30, and awakened at 7:00. I can't make it on four hours sleep! I'm exhausted, and was last night too, and just keep turning over and staring at my eyelids! Adrienne, this happens to you, too, doesn't it? About the pricing? There's a specific formula for that, involving materials, hours, utilities, wages.. Perhaps it's on the web. I know there are books galore written on selling your crafts. Good luck.

Laurie, Why didn't you just drive your house to the vet? (NOOOO, Laurie, Don't throw the brass lamp at me, not again!) Poor little Munchkin. Well, when the vet takes care of this worm problem etc., he'll thrive under your care. And by the sound of things, if you don't take great care of her, Gary will be throwing things at you! Isn't it wonderful that he insisted on keeping her? I can just hear you saying, "We----ll, if you insist, Gary....."

Tamme, You know a man cannot learn from a poor, dumb female. You're right. Some men do know everything. Actually, part of it is pride, and I honestly think part of it is they can't forget that until the last couple of years in high school, or even college, all the smart kids were girls! They don't realize that girls simply grow emotionally more quickly, that this is normal. So, they spend their lives telling women they know everything. Not all men, but certainly my husband. He always bragged about me behind my back, though! I'm not guessing at this. All teachers are required to learn these things in methods classes and educational psychology.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Here's a prayer of Thanksgiving for the sacrifices of all those in the military services. I pray the day will come when they are no longer in danger.
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I watched the fly-overs, this morning. Living about a mile, from an Air Force base, I see a lot of them, anyway.

I've been drilling pilot holes and installing cup hooks on the fascia boards, for my Christmas lights. Had to quit, when my drill bit broke and I couldn't find another one. Bill will insist upon finishing the job, when he gets home. He doesn't think that I should do that kind of work. Silly man!

I figure that, since he's working and I'm not, why shouldn't I do those kinds of things. Its not heavy construction!

Rowdy is running around the house, talking to herself. I think that she's been into the 'nip, again. Opie has taken refuge, in the laundry room. He likes to hang out, on top of the water heater.

Happy Monday and Veterans' Day!
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Cindy, That is painting a wonderfully funny picture in my mind. Running through the house "chirping." :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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What a day already! Gosh, you guys were busy on here this weekend. I haven't gotten through 1/2 of the posts here in the Lounge, let alone anywhere else, and it's already 2:00. To top it off, they have actually been giving me WORK to do. They did this to me last week, too. They should know that I have to catch up here on Mondays. Geesh!

Jin, I was wondering about you making it to Denver for some shopping. I figured life just got too hectic for you, though. Hey, if you still want to a new mall is opening this weekend, though. Kind of an outlet mall, or so I figure. It is even on the west end of town (C-470 and Colfax), and has outlets for Sacs 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus, among others. Looks like a great place for Christmas!

Boy, it must have been the no-sleep weekend. We had horrible wind Friday and Saturday and I couldn't sleep at all on Friday night. By Saturday I was so tired I got some sleep, but Ophelia didn't like the wind at all (neither do I), so we just snuggled until about midnight on Saturday. Trent was unsure, too, and he just wandered around all day Saturday crying.
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Well, I started out the day feeling really icky, I know I am getting a cold. All I want to do is sleep. I have no real enegry for anything else. but since the other half thinks his days off are for fun only, I have to pick up the slack around here too. He raked the yard the other day, I thought great about time until the next am I saw his version of raking the yard.... making big piles of leaves and leaving them there. I just had to giggle to myself. He was so proud! but they are still sitting there(sigh) and probably will be until the snow covers them.
I asked him to start putting plastic on the windows, did he? no. so that's another thing I have to do. sorry to be such a downer but I am burned out from working 60-70 hrs a week and then coming home to nothing done. I hate it and have tried to explain this to him but it goes in one ear and out the other. See it was this way with his parents also. His mom would work 10 hr days and them come home and cook, clean, do the laundry, shovel snow, etc. so he was raised this way. and darn it, I didn't get to him on time so he would not become his dad... so I just don't do most of the things and when he whines about not having pants, I tell him where the washer is, or cries about the high utility bills, I tell him that there isn't any plastic on the windows and he seems to shut up and sulk, for awhile, while I gloat quietly... I am so mean sometimes...
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Well today was not the BEST Monday I've ever had...but not the worst either! Was so dreary here this morning...rainy and windy...not a nice way to start the week.

Work was busy...but not as bad as last week. At least I was able to make it home by 5:30 today! :tounge2:

Had a nice, quiet weekend. Mike wasn't feeling up to par Friday night, so we rented the first 3 DVD's of "Band of Brothers", knowing we'd be spending most of the weekend being broccoli. WOW! What a great miniseries! Has anyone seen it? I hope to rent the last 2 DVD's of the series this upcoming weekend.

Had yummy pork chops for dinner (one of my most favorite's!) and stopped on the way home and picked up some cannoli's. Oh what a little piece of heaven is a cannoli!

Of course, my Grandmother made the absolute BEST cannoli's in the world. I have her recipe...but they just aren't as good!

Am getting ready to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent, that I taped last night. Is on the same time as the I tape every week and watch on Monday night.

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

XOXO from Jedi!!!
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Carla, we watched Band of Brothers both times it was shown on HBO, and bought the set. It is amazing. I have to say I enjoyed it more the second time I watched it all the way through because I actually knew who each soldier was and what happened to them from the beginning. The first time there were so many of them it got confusing for a while. I'm not usually real big on war films, but this one I can watch over and over and over...and we have. We TIVO'ed it and whenever there was nothing on TV we would just que up one of the episodes. You have to watch the "extra" We Stand Alone Together, too. It is interviews with the real men of Easy Company. Have the tissues ready, though, for Mike too. Both of us had big tears in our eyes listening to what those men went through. during and after the war.
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