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abondoned kitten

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My friend had an abondoned kitten and she couldn't get her to eat. The kitten was 2 weeks old and she had tried many things. my cat had a litter of four 3 weeks ago. So, I took the kitten today and introduced her to sprinkles our new mom. she took to the kitten right away and nursed her the first time for about an hour. The poor little kitten was sooooo hungry. Does anyone have any experance with a cat nursing a kitten that is not her's? Is there a chance this will work? Any help would be great. The kitten finally got enough to eat and is curled up with the other kittens now. TIA
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I vounteer at the local Humane Society. Two kittens came in that were literally days old. We gave them to a mother cat who had 2 one week old kittens. She took them in & raised them to adulthood.
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~Aww how sweet~ Ive do dog rescue and have had foster mom dogs not sure about cats...wouldnt see why not....what I found out was strange is my other adult female cat who has never had kittens babysits our 2 week old babies when momma cat is taking a break. She lets them suckle on her (she has no milk) she cleans up after them (potty time) and she cleans and licks them. Momma cat NoNo has NO problems with the extra help....I just thought it as strange~
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I just wanted to add that I would be careful if mixing litters. Especially with tiny kittens who are unable to be tested for infectious and deadly diseases such as FELV. Most of the time things will turn out fine....but you deffinitially don't want to "risk it" unless it is absalutley a last resort (like this seems it was) especially with strays and especially sence some infectious diseases can be sysmptom free for a long time but easily spread and cause eventual death for the other healthy kittens and thier mom.

It does sound like you did the right thing for those kittens in this situation...but I just thought I would add a note of caution along with a congratulations for keeping those babies alive!!!
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