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Tornado strikes 1 mile west of our little town

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What a scary night indeed. I could only get 2 of my 6 cats in a carrier to take to the tornado cellar outside. The other 4 were scattered and frantic) the warnings were going off and the tv was blaring that it was headed directly at us.

We sat in the tornado cellar listening to the hail hit. Then the power went out for the first time. Soon the power came back on and we thought the coast was clear. We went outside and the night clouds were pitch black as the lightening was striking. We decided to go back down to the cellar, but first my husband ran inside the house for a flashlight in case we lost power again. The storm went dead calm, then the sirens starting blasting again..... I almost died of fright.

Many farms were hit and we took alot of hail damage to the house. They said the tornado was 3/4 of a mile wide. It snapped telephone poles like twigs. The town people said that alot of cows and live stock were killed.

Here is the article
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That is really frightening! How are your other 4 kitties doing?
I hope you & your family are coping ok.
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OHMYGOODNESS - how scary for you all. YIKES!! Thankgoodness you are all okay (the other 4 cats are fine right?).

Guess tornado season in the US has started huh?
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Very scary indeed!! *YIKES*!! That reminds me of last Spring. The tornado sirens went off for like 30 minutes, and we were down in our partial basement and we could hear the hail pounding the house~it was awful!! So glad you guys are alright. What part of Nebraska are you from??
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Wow! I'm glad you are okay! We had one last year that hit the neighborhood next to us, and a strip of our small "downtown"- we could hear it roar and it rattled the heck out of the garage doors (where we were in the basement). We only had a cat or two and the dog who joined us there. There are still store signs being replaced around here from that... I hope your hail damage wasn't too bad .
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OMG! I'm glad you are okay. How are the kitties?
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One mile is toooooo close! I'm so glad you're okay!

We don't even have enough carriers for all our cats... that's a purchase we need to make before tornado season goes any further. Thanks for making me think of it!
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That's horrible. How are you all doing? I have to ask, the other four kitties were in the cellar, right? Just they weren't in a carrier..
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The tornado was coming, the tv was beeping to take sheleter now. They said a large tornado was on the ground. The 4 cats that remained in the house were not to be caught. I think they felt my panic and felt the seriousness of the situation. They did not make it to the tornado shelter with us. Only the 2 that are used to being transported and harnessed were easy to get in carrier. All the cats are fine.

Thank god the tornado didn't hit town,and all that we recieved was hail damage.

This was a wake up call on how fast an emergency situation can catch you off gaurd.

We live in a small town in south central Nebraska (tornado alley) called Gothenburg. The past few years there has been not alot of tornado activity but I have a feeling this year is going to be diffferent.
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Yikes! How scary! I'm glad you and the kitties are all ok and that you didn't get a direct hit from the tornado. That's the one thing I don't miss about Oklahoma!
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We will get some tornado's in Wisconsin but not as much as your part of the midwest. I bet the landscape looks alot different today.
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How Scary, I cannot even imagine what that is like ...Thank God you are all okay
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Wow! How scarey for you! I'm glad you are alright.
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You must have been terrified! Glad to hear all of you are alright.
I always worry about rounding all up as well, mine will all freak and hide.
Thank goodness we do not get many tornados in Michigan!
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oh wow! i'm glad that you and your furbabies and hubby remained safe and sound my heart goes out to your neighbors and loved ones who have been hit and affected by this
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