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~New Pictures~ 2 weeks old

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~Youssarian, Tosca and Lazuli are 2 weeks old now. They have finally all opened their eyes. Youssarian isnt the BIGGEST of the trio now...the girl...Tosca...has assumed leader of the pack! So the boys are smaller than her now. Little Lazuli is still coming in 3rd in size. He was small when born and probably is the runt of the crew. Here is updated pics of my 2 week old babies~




Lazuli after his FIRST bath!


Tosca after her first bath


Couldnt get a picture of him after his first bath because he is a BIG BABY and cried for mom and she was having a fit and wouldnt let me hold him until he shut up haha!

Here is the crew again. they are getting big and starting to wonder around their big box. They are already showing such different personalities. For example Youssarian is a tattle tell. He wrestles with sis and brother but when he isnt winning he crys for mom who comes and seperates them haha...Tosca is the dominant of the 3. She is quiet but strong. Lazuli is the smallest, most quiet of the trio. He loves spending time cuddled up with mom. He is a mommas boy!

and here is a picture of mom. She is skinny after the babies but eats ALL the time. She spends more time out of the box now. She even lets Oreo get in the box with the babies. Oreo is the BABYSITTER of the household. Is that normal? She isnt pregnant and never has been. She will get in the box, snuggled with the babies, clean their bottoms and lick them all over. She acts like mommy to them when NoNo isnt in there with them. Ill have to get a pic of her "mothering" the babies. Its so sweet!
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and finally here they are asleep after a LONG day! They went to sleep in this position haha
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What little darlings! I think I've fallen in love with Tosca.
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~Yes indeed she is my favorite as well....not saying I dont love all 3 because they are SOOO sweet but she is definatly my pick of the litter. She is SOOO fluffy...when you pick her up she just melts in your hand with all the hair.
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Absalutley adorable!!!!
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Awww, look at those precious babies! I'm in love with Youssarian, he reminds me of Princess when she was a kitten.
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Awww what little munchkins they are!!! Too cute!

Tosca is my fave..

I didnt realise you could bath kittens that young lol
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oh my !! they are such a bunch of peaches what a wonderful sight to wake up to every day - sweet, just sweet
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~I dont know that you SHOULD bath kittens this young but my babies were having some very bad itchy dry skin causing hair loss on little Lazuli's head and face so my vet told me to give them a bath in a very mild baby shampoo until I get them to a vet this week. Thats the only reason they got a bath today~

~Their hair is so different from each other. Tosca has long straight silky feeling hair. Youssarian has short but puffy looking hair. Lazuli has shorter SILKY hair. Cant wait to see what these babies look like in a few months~

Also Tosca has a flatter face and nose compared to Youssarian. His head shape and face is longer looking. Think maybe they have different fathers?
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They are gorgeous
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Aww, they are so precious and growing so fast. I'll have to share the 2 week old pics of Butterball's bunch today. I took some last night.
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Oh they are so lovely.......Im in cute kitten overload! LOL
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They are so cute.

They are marked real nice also!

Don't be shy with the pictures lol.
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~Shy with the pics....WHO ME? COULDNT BE lol~

Here are a few more of the babies playing!

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~Awww Im so sad because my babies are so sick and they scarcly resemble these pics I took of them last week~
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Originally Posted by mom_2_3 View Post
~Awww Im so sad because my babies are so sick and they scarcly resemble these pics I took of them last week~
oh no which one - whats wrong, is it still the ringworm - have you had chance to get to the vets

Keep us posted !!!
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Oh, no, I'm so sorry!!! Do they have colds? How is No-No? Keep us updated on how they are.
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They are so precious! So, is your name still mom_2_3 or is it now mom_2_6?
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~HAHA Mom_2_3 is actually referring to my 2 legged children in which I have 3 of haha! But I guess if you cound ALL my babies lets see theres the 3 kids, 5 cats, 1 dog, 3 fish and husband lool sooo umm Mom_2_13 lol WHEW Im exausted just reading that~

Yes the babies have RINGWORM and its aweful. They are losing hair, not very active still playing some but not what I would expect from 3 week old kittens Im just so SADDDD!
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