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Thank you Deb Myers!

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Debra Myers has left the mod squad after a long and wonderful time as a mod on this site.

I wanted to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to Debra for all your help as a moderator on this website. I hope you will find the time and continue to contribute to the forums as a member.

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Deb - you have done an amazing job! We will miss you and you still better keep posting or else!
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Now you know we NEED to hear from you so don't go too far from us! We look forward to seeing your posts in the near future!
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We'll miss you as a mod, but EXPECT to see you as a member!

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Thank you, Debra, for everything you have contributed to this site. The help you have given everyone is immeasurable. Like the others here, I really hope that you will continue to be a part of the site here.
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Hold on just a darn minute... I missed something really important didn't I???
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Debra I can't believe TCS is losing you!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sad, you are such a valuable member here and the work you do is fantastic! I hope you are leaving for a good reason and that everything is okay! Please know that I think you are a wonderful, kind, caring and special person.

Love Leslie
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Deb...we all will sure miss you so much as the wonderful mod that you have been. You have helped me so much with information and encouragement and kind words. Hope you will be able to find time to "chat" with us on occasion.

Take care and God Bless...hope whatever the reason is that you are leaving is not anything serious. Know that if you have any problems...we are ALL here for you whatever you need!
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Just want to say, Deb, you will be missed as a mod! I look forward to seeing your posts whether as a mod or a top cat!!!

I can't wait to see more pics of the newest rescues!
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